Social Media marketing is all the rage these days and its role in digital marketing has evolved at an over-whelming pace over the last few years.

The increasingly popular role of social media in digital marketing is more or less justified since it’s the perfect platform to mobilize customers, communicate your message to them and engage with them.

Here’s Why Instagram Is The Ideal Platform To Market Your Business In 2018
With Facebook’s monopoly in social media marketing coming to an end, Instagram is emerging as an extremely effective and influential platform for marketing of your business.
Here’s what makes Instagram the ideal platform for marketing of your business.

Accommodating Algorithms

Facebook has been making a lot of changes to their algorithms over the past few years and this has changed the way posts and adverts are displayed on one’s newsfeed. Due to the fact that Facebook is overcrowded, they’ve amended their algorithms in an attempt to display the most relevant content on one’s newsfeed. This, however, means that not all posts are displayed on one’s newsfeed and some posts or advertisements may actually stay hidden.
In Instagram’s case, however, the algorithms are less complex and all the posts are displayed. This means that if you’re looking to advertise your products on social media using organic means (non-paid methods), Instagram is the ideal platform.

Here’s Why Instagram Is The Ideal Platform To Market Your Business In 2018

Promising Growth

Instagram has been growing at an extremely impressive rate and with around 800 million active monthly users;it’s only second to Facebook. What’s even more exciting is that Instagram is growing faster than Facebook and Twitter and is expected to hit a billion monthly active users by the end of 2018.

Obviously, with more audience, you can target a higher number of people and expect greater returns.

Instagram Business Tools

Here’s Why Instagram Is The Ideal Platform To Market Your Business In 2018

Instagram unveiled its own set of business tools, aimed at assisting business leveraging Instagram for marketing. Instagram business tools is a comprehensive set of tools that enable marketers to make the most out of their Instagram profiles in order to maximize engagement.

The first and the most important feature of Instagram Business tools is ‘Business Profiles’. Instagram’s business profiles are specially designed distinct profiles that can be used by businesses. These profiles include some additional features, aimed at extending convenience towards existing and potential customers.

Instagram also introduced Insights and Analytics as a part of Instagram Business tools. Instagram Insights and Analytics provide extremely useful and actionable statistics that can be used by business interested in targeted marketing.

Lastly, Instagram made it more convenient and effective for marketers to promote their businesses using Instagram Adverts. Instagram now lets you convert your well-performing posts into adverts in a few steps only.

Here’s Why Instagram Is The Ideal Platform To Market Your Business In 2018


The above-mentioned factors make Instagram an extremely effective platform for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their social media marketing. Even though Instagram is already highly suitable for marketers, it is likely to become even more accommodating towards them.