Having your mobile phone stolen at any location is not only a bad idea, but it also compromises your security and safety. Moreover, you might have stored vital information as well as contact details of your loved ones on your cell phone. If your cell phone lands in the hands of a criminal-minded individual, it can be highly dangerous as the criminal might steal your vital financial information which could put you at heavy loss. Similarly, the contact details of your family and friends might get into the hands of unwanted persons causing a lot of trouble.

 How To Find IMEI Number

Thankfully, you can avoid the use of your stolen phone by blacklisting the IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number of your cell phone. All you have to do is file a complaint about your stolen phone at the police station as well as at the manufacturer of the phone specifying the IMEI number of your cell phone. The manufacturer will block the usage of your mobile. Similarly, the police force will get back your lost phone by tracing the IMEI number of your mobile phone. Still, the main question is how to find IMEI number of a mobile phone.

Finding the IMEI number of any phone is not at all difficult; you can find the required number in many ways. Most of the cell phones have a simple key-in method to retrieve the number. Enter a five digit string such as *#06#, and your phone will display the number on the screen. However, this method does not work for all cell phones or carriers. For example, an iPhone on the Verizon network will not display the number, and you will hear a recording which states that your call cannot be completed. Thankfully, there are other methods to retrieve the IMEI number.

If you are unable to get the number by pressing the *#06# key, turn off the phone and remove the battery of the cell phone. Make sure that the phone is completely turned off; otherwise, it might give you a jolt. Now, search for a white label on the empty battery slot. The label contains the 15 to 17 digit number, mostly highlighted in yellow color as the IMEI number.

Locating the IMEI number is far easier for iPads or iPhones. Tap the settings of the mobile application; this will open the settings window which allows you to see and set your preferences. Just scroll down to the general setting and tap the same. Now, tap the “about” setting highlighted on the iPhone. Scroll down the information that lists out your videos, songs and other stuff. Finally, locate the IMEI number at the bottom part.

In addition to this, there are many other ways to locate the IMEI number. However, the above mentioned methods are sufficient to retrieve the number on most of the phones. Follow these simple steps, and you will never need to wonder, “How to find IMEI number?”