Stores with single locations, mobile services, ecommerce local businesses, and every other small to large sized business always worry about the security of transactions at the point of sale, whether this be an in-store transaction or an online transaction. These security concerns are often two-fold – for the security of the cash collected as well as the security of the data collected when processing credit cards and other electronic payment modes. The iPad POS solution offered by point of of sale vendors, like NCR Silver, ensures superior security for both the cash and the financial data.

Secure Transactions Using The iPad POS

Physical Security

Many stores large and small continue to complete many cash transactions each day. The person at the point of sale thus has to not only deal with the equipment needed to process the transactions, answer customer queries, and so on, but also ensure that the cash collected is stored safely and recorded properly. The iPad POS solution bundle offered by companies like NCR Silver includes a sleek and sturdy cash drawer. This drawer can be used to mount the swivel stand that holds the iPad, thus ensuring a clutter free POS. the 16 inch cash drawer is secure with a reliable locking system and has a removable till enabling the cash to be counted at a safer place.

The cash drawers are also a great security advantage when the store sets up a temporary sales outlet in a new place. This was quite useful for my local business in New York after Hurricane Sandy ripped through our building.

Data Security

The mobile and cordless electronic equipment used in the iPad POS can raise doubts about data security and identity theft in both the store management and the customer. However, the electronic card reader that is provided as part of the NCR Silver hardware can be safely attached to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to read credit card information for payment processing without the data being compromised. The encryption technology used by the hardware ensures that the financial information of the customers is secure and not stored in the device. Besides, the reader protects the store as well as it prevents the use of counterfeit cards.

The data security provided by the credit card reader for the iPad POS is a valuable marketing tool, especially when mobile stores are being established. Many customers are wary of handing over their credit cards at farmer’s markets, fairs, and other mobile sales outlets because of concerns about data security. The store need not miss sales because of this by using the secure credit card readers that ensure data encryption and protection.

Sales Data

The security of data provided by the iPad POS system covers more than just the credit card information. The data collected and analyzed during the day, whether customer addresses, sales information, or inventory control are all valuable tools for a business and vital information for rivals. The iPad POS is designed to ensure that this data can only be accessed by authorized store personnel.

When deciding which type of pos system to invest in – always consider transaction safety. Go with the safest and best POS provider in your industry.

This article was written by Robby James.