Android developers and users have all the reasons to smile as Aereo has planned to release its Internet-based TV services this September. Though it has been rumored that this service will be unveiled last year, it has been finalized that it’ll be in the month of September it’ll hit the market. Aereo’s entrance into this new venture would be significant as it can boost Android’s dominance over its fierce competitors, iPhone and Windows. So, cable operators, beware, now Aereo is coming for you with its over-the-top service facilities. By launching its Internet-based TV services, Aereo can expand its customer base in US effortlessly.

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Aereo is serving the locations New York City, Boston, Atlanta and hasn’t impressed the viewers much in these locations with its broadcast TV services. But, with latest app strategy, it is all set to hit in Miami, Houston, Dallas, Chicago later this month with its new set of services, and eventually it could more customers now. Though the set up offered by this popular firm is believed to be controversial, it still has got the charisma to attract a huge volume of customers to it. This new venture could open doors for other popular firms that are into TV broadcast processes.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, though it is mentioned that this service from Aereo might hit the market last year, the delay in its launch is due to the legal battles with some popular networks. Though majority network services held back fearing the outcome of the strategy, Timer Warner cable has allied with Aereo to provide this technology the much needed support. Also, a lot of companies have claimed that Aereo has stolen their techniques to broadcast signals. However, the legal verdict was in favor of Aereo and so its aggressive expansion strategy is transformed to reality.

In fact, many companies claimed that they were using Aereo streams on their channels which are turned down by Aereo. It has already embedded services on iPhone and getting the hands on Android devices will really double its client base in no time. As of now no one has clear idea on what exactly the customer base but whatever it is, Aereo will achieve 5-folds of customer based with its newly planned TV services certainly.

Aereo All Set To Release Its Internet-based TV Services In Android Devices

Subscriptions for this service would range from $8-12 and with a few hundreds of customers it becomes easy to turn some incredible profit to its business. But, with the current technique, there is no wonder it can expect more than 4-5 million subscribers which means the profit will be sky high in a short period of time. As it has planned to ally with Timer Warner, the explosion in the customer base is always on the cards and it will be an accelerated growth for sure.

So, by all means this release by Aereo is definitely a significant leap in the technology for mobile application development companies worldwide as it can bring in loads of happiness to Android users. With Android already dominating the current market, Aereo’s internet-based TV services could potentially double its dominance over other competitors.