Conversion of video and audio from one format to another is normally done using software. This media files are normally converted using 3rd party software. Video Lan which is also known as VLC is a very common media player used by millions of users worldwide. To those who have ever used this software they will have realized that it is indeed a quality software and comes for free.


VLC can also be used in converting audio and video files into different formats. VLC can run almost every format of popular media files. It plays cd, DVD and blue-ray discs. In this article I will explain how to use VLC in conversion of media files.

Procedure of converting Audio and Video files using VLC.

  1. Download VLC from its official site and install it.
  2. After installing this application go ahead and open it.
  3. In the main window of the player go ahead to the menu tab and click on Media.
  4. In the options that appear click on Convert/save….. You can alternatively use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R.
  5. After doing this another window titled Open Media will appear. In this window click on Add in order to add files for conversion.
  6. Browse through the files and when you get to the files you desire highlight and click on Open.
  7. Your files will appear in the Open Media window.
  8. In the button written Convert/save click on the arrow pointing downwards and select Convert. Alternatively use the keyboard shortcut Alt + C.
  9. Another window titled Convert will appear. In this window click on Browse to select the destination of the converted files.
  10. Next select the format you want to convert to and click on Start to start the conversion process.
  11. If you are well knowledged you can edit and add new custom conversion values.

Through the above procedure you will be able to convert files from one format to another easily using VLC. You do not have to worry about cost because this software comes free of charge unlike some other applications in use today. You can convert video to different forms of audio and vice versa just follow the stipulated procedure in order to do this.

In conclusion, media conversion is not so hard a process. Now that you have some knowledge on converting using VLC then go ahead and try it.

Austin R. is an IT Professional from He has passed 200-001 exam. Currently he preparing for 200-101 exam. He likes to write about technology and social media.