For every web designer and developer it is mandatory to be able to track the client’s websites and even ones own. There is an App that is specifically created to handle this. This App is popular known as Analytics App. It works perfectly with both the iphone and ipad and is readily available and works hand in hand with Google Analytics.

When you compare the interface on the Analytics App with that of the iPhone and the iPad you will find out that the iPad has a larger resolution which allows it to have a larger interface. The interface of the Analytics App is just alright , if I was to rate it though, it has got much more room for improvement. It needs to feel more with the times or rather more modern. The Analytics App can be rated as somewhere close to an iPhone but generally, an App that requires much more enhancement.

The interface on the app is pretty similar on the iPhone and the iPad with the main difference being the larger resolution on the iPad allowing for a larger interface. Generally, you would like the interface although it can be enhanced to give it a contemporary look. Right now it is rated in between a contemporary iPhone app and a bit of dissatisfactory.

The Analytic App has got its advantages. For instance, it is able to work along well with Google Analytics. One is able to have access to all the features obtainable under Google Analytics web vesrion.  With the Analytic App one is able to satisfactorily understand most of the features available.

Just to add on, with the Analytics App one can always be updated about all the websites they are dealing with. This would work only if you have set up all the websites in Google Analytics.  You can be rest assured that you will be able to view all the statistics you would like such as; duration of visit, intensity of the visit, , demographics and computer information among many others.

The Analytics App can therefore be appreciated for many reasons, but the strongest of them would be that it works perfectly with Google Analytics. The fact that you can have the Analytics App available on the iPhone as well as the ipod is a very big plus as you can be having instant access, as well as accessing it from a computer instead of always having to open up the Safari website.

In a nutshell, the Analytic App is more expensive that the other Apps used for the same purpose. Though, if you look at it critically it is definitely worth every penny spent on it.