Some people would love to visit Ireland and see everything that it has to offer. Others love that country and everything about it so much that they would even pay to live there. And then there are some who discover that they are indeed Irish even if they were raised in a different country.

This can be great news for those who want to live in Ireland and want citizenship. However, for an Irish citizenship, you will need to work a little bit. You will need to present a lot of documents, and you will need to experience what Irish bureaucracy has to offer.

How To Apply For Irish Citizenship Through Ancestry?

All you need to know about Irish Citizenship through Ancestry

You can qualify for Irish citizenship, become an EU citizen, work and live in Ireland. There are millions of British and American people who have Irish ancestry. In order to become an Irish citizen through ancestry, you will need to present some information about your family.

You are eligible to become an Irish Citizen by descent if you have a parent or a grandparent born in Ireland. Also, if you are born on the Island of Ireland before 2005 to foreign national parents, you are still eligible.

You are also eligible if you are born after 2005, and one of your parents is a British citizen or has a settlement in Ireland or UK. There are some cases in which you will need to register in the Foreign Births Register.

Of course, if a child who is not an Irish citizen is adopted by an Irish citizen then the adopted child can be seen as an Irish citizen according to the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956.

The same can be said if an Irish citizen who is living abroad adopts a child abroad, but they need to apply for the adoption to be entered in the Register of Intercountry Adoptions. When it is registered, the adoption will have the same legal status as if the adoption was made in Ireland.

Even deserted infants that are found in Ireland are considered to have been born in Ireland unless the contrary is proved. That means that unless the parents of the deserted infant clarify that the child is not Irish, he will be considered Irish.

There are many methods you or your child can get an Irish Citizenship. If you found out that you may have an Irish parent or grandparent then it is time to check Irish Citizenship Through Ancestry – Apply Today. You will find every sort of information you need to apply for this process. 

What happens if I found out that I am entitled to Irish Citizenship through Ancestry?

If you are eligible to become an Irish Citizen, you need to apply to the Irish government. The process depends on factors like your age, the way in which you qualify for the Irish Citizenship and the country or part of the country you are resident in at the time of application.

Like with any other bureaucratic process you will have to pay some fees for the process which they vary depending on where you live at the time of application. You can get professional guidance to assist you with the complex steps involving getting your Irish Citizenship through Ancestry.


This is what to expect if you want to apply for Irish Citizenship through Ancestry. Yes, you may have to fill a lot of documents to prove that your family is from Ireland and yes, the process may take a while, depending on the complexity of your family tree but it is worth it if you want to get an Irish Citizenship.