It’s easy to fall into the habit of conducting formulated interviews. A candidate come in for their appointment and is asked about their work history and education, the interviewer simply asks what their strengths and weaknesses are in the job environment, and then these short answers are sent to the hiring team for a final decision. This sort of simplistic pattern is often based too heavily off of information that was already known about the potential candidate. If nothing new about the candidate is learned, the process is rendered useless.

If you believe you’ve fallen into this trap, here are a few tactics you can use to learn deeper insights into potential future employees.

Ask the candidate what they would change if they ran the company.

Candidates who arrive to an interview are most likely expecting to be asked a particular set of questions. However, since they are there, it would be beneficial to ask some questions that will force them to think critically.

This is something we all do as it is; when asked about what our career goals, someone can answer in the form of a list. But telling them that they are a hypothetical CEO and asking for their insight can be very insightful. This will allow you to discover what original ideas they have, large and small. You could even stumble upon someone who is one of the company’s next great leaders. If they give you a detailed response, you’ll know they did their homework.

Ask the candidate to comment on something negative the company has done.

This is a good replacement for the question, “What do you about the company”? Rather than getting a set of facts that you yourself have already memorized about the company, this is the chance to learn about a person’s true viewpoint based on how they answer.

If we’re honest, every company has made a set of mistakes, hence why new candidates with fresh ideas are hired. Search for candid feedback from your candidate. Their answer will highlight how they can implement themselves into the company and work to better it cooperatively with a team.

5 Creative Ways To Assess Candidates In Job Interviews

Observe the candidate outside of the interview room.

Not only is the interview a good time to get to know someone’s potential to perform, it’s also a good time to gauge how they might interact with current employees. You’ll need to know if the personality they portray on inside the interview is genuine.

Try to observe how they interact with others on their way to the interview room. Do they have a pleasant conversation with the office manager as they are greeted? Do they treat others in the office as well as they treat you while they wait and when they leave? Although these are short amounts of time, they can lend some key insights.

Measure “human” metrics

Metrics are used to ensure that every process I firing at full speed. Recruiters should create a sense of metric which can be measured, in order to gauge how involved with their career choice they are.

Ask them questions such as whether or not their continuing to learn new skills that keeps up with the development of the job market. Do they blog or engage in conversations on social media on topics involving the things they do?

Of course, interviewing a candidate is largely based on their skills and experience. But a candidate who is particularly passionate about what they do for work can be a large benefit to your team.

Critical thinking questions are great only if they are the right sort.

While making questions that force someone to think about their answer is a good idea, this is only the case if they reveal the qualities you are trying to gauge. Make sure that all questions are relevant, i.e. ones that uncover personality traits which translate into successful performance.

Continue to ask the questions you already have which help determine the right candidates, and throw in a couple new ones to see how they help. Every interview is unique; hearing some new responses may be interesting and extremely helpful.

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