In an interview, talking about your weaknesses and flaws is difficult. Most candidates hate this question and consider it pointless. Mainly the interviewer asking this question for test analytical abilities and self-awareness.”Name three qualities and three faults”: a classic question in job interviews. No problem to boast your strengths, but how to earn points by describing your weaknesses? You might answer “disorganized”, “shy”, “aggressive”, But end up answering “perfectionist”? Not very original nor credible! But “I am unable to meet a deadline” is such a bad answer “no, I am perfect.” Nuances your answer, But be honest: recruiters are always looking for testing  your capacity for self-criticism.

The correct answer should indicate that you are able to take up challenges and grow professionally.

You Overcame Weakness

Don’t try to hide your weaknesses, you dishonest Seem: everyone has. Describe how you handle your stress, you give the image of a conscious and concerned person by his personal development. Think about an aspect of your personality that is the problem, but you are trying to improve, and explain your approach and effort to get there.

For example, you can admit that you struggle to speak in public, But you find tools to help you do that and you have made ​​progress.

Use your Research About the Employer and the Job

This is one of the best opportunity for the candidate to search the information about the company and the role you are applying for, If you feel you do not excel at certain types of work and your skills not reach the requirement of the company, you could make this is the focus of your answer. However, it’s still worth trying, when called upon to draw on the skills that you do not manage your natural strength. Alternatively, to apply for a job where you are going to need Team working and you have the opportunity to discuss in a moment, need the support of your colleagues and their expertise to work alone because you keep going after it found difficult to draw, and you can explain this to pass.

The Right Attitude

It is important to have spontaneous air when you give that answer, But it still repeats it before to stay focused and concise. Otherwise, you down in the “weaknesses.” Always try to translate the positive aspects of your situation and then return to your strengths.

Nothing to Hide on your Resume

If your work experience is not appropriate at exactly the job you are applying for and you feel that the recruiter is reluctant to retain your application for this reason, Take this opportunity to address the weak points of your resume. For example, say that your greatest weakness is probably your lack of experience in the sector, but you have other capabilities that will be valuable for the function.