A case or research study is usually done to provide detailed analysis about a specific process or event. It is a difficult and time consuming task to write a good and effective research study. Discussed below is a guide that will help you in writing a good study:

Know the Type of Study:

Most of the people don’t know that there are different types of case study, such as illustrative, exploratory and critical study etc. All of these studies have different writing requirements and are written for different purposes. Such as the illustrative study is usually written for corporations, the exploratory study is done for legal purposes and critical study is written for academic reasons. So before starting, you must know what type of study you have to write and then work accordingly. Choose the one that serves your writing purpose best.

Choose a Topic Wisely:

After deciding the type of study you are going to write, now select a topic about which you want to conduct your research study. You must choose a topic that is relevant to your study area and abut which you are capable of conducting an effective research. Other than this, make sure your selected topic is interesting and informative as it will help you in grabbing your readers’ attention and also in writing a good and knowledgeable study. You can get help from library, internet or books for selecting a good research topic for your study. Once you have decide a topic, now narrow it down to a specific problem that you want to explain with your research study.

Conduct Research:

After finalizing the problems that you want to illustrate in your study, now conduct your research about it to find out data or information that you can present in your study. You can collect data from different sources like:

  • Already published studies about the same topic; that are easily available on the internet
  • Interview of relevant personalities; make sure the people you choose to interview for your study, have thorough knowledge about the subject because only then you will get knowledgeable and accurate data for writing your study.

Structuring Study:

After collecting data, now start writing it by following a proper structure. Know that a research study has a specific structure that needs to be followed for writing it. It consists of the following sections:

  • An introduction
  • Background of the problem
  • Writers’ study or view about the problem
  • Results derived from the study
  • A conclusion

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