As you navigate all through the school world, there are a plenty of roadblocks that you may confront along the way. Working hard to get by on a minuscule budget, balancing work and school, and finding the best time to study are just three of the most common school concerns, however there is one issue that every student faces all through their time in school – student loan debt.

Overcoming student loan debt can be a rigorous task.  In fact, studies have shown that it is a growing epidemic among the education world, and is impacting the lives of many college students throughout the country. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome this issue. Here are three ways to overcome today’s student loan debt.

Consider Smaller Universities

Not all schools are the same. Of course, it is always the dream to attend a largely-known university, but utilizing proper research can uncover a vast world of the little-known universities throughout the country that offer very similar courses at a much lower cost.

It is not uncommon for students to attend their first year or two at a smaller university or community college in order to obtain their general course credits, and then transfer to a larger university to round out their degree. With the proper research, this can allow students to earn their degree while drastically cutting down the cost of their student loans.

Create a Plan for Your Major

Having a game plan for your time in college, can significantly cut down tuition costs. Analyzing your interests and finding the correct major to study before attending school will reduce the extra costs of changing majors or talking unnecessary courses throughout your time in college. It can definitely be worthwhile to sit down with the college’s advisors to discuss the right path for your degree.

Discover Unknown Scholarships

Scholarships are a very well-known aspect in the college world. Yet, many students are completely unaware of the sheer number of scholarships available to them. In fact, in 2015 there was over $2.9 billion in unclaimed scholarship money available to students. It is important to discuss scholarship opportunities with the college financial aid team, in order to find many of the little-known tuition-saving options for you.