Do you feel that things are going wrong with your partner? Do you no longer feel the same as before? Are they not as effusive as before?

All we can identify some signs that something is wrong, but often or not we want to see or not clear if they indicate something or we’re misinterpreting things.

Ending a relationship is not easy, either to live with the guilt of having made the other person suffer. However, if love no longer exists, it is the only option, and it is best to make a safe decision about you, without regrets to live in peace.

But how to end a relationship and not feel guilty? If you feel you go through a similar situation, read this article.

What if it were you?

If at the thought that soon I leave, use your empathy and think: you’re in the place of the other person, how would you feel to be with someone who secretly want the break? You probably think you deserve someone who wants to be with you; so does your partner, therefore, not prolong the situation.

Also think about the following: the longer follow in a relationship that no longer makes you happy will be more time you take to know a person’s heart to comfort you. It can seem a little selfish to think so, but it is a way to realize that, by not taking the decision to break, you’re also wasting time your guy to walk the road to recovery.

You should not pretend your Feelings

Try or pretend feelings become stressful for those who do not have fear and be honest. But do not think that your partner will not notice, she can sense that something is wrong.

The uncertainty generated by your partner can make a determination that neither you yourself know how to handle, for example put in the uncomfortable position of having to leave home even when you have no clear if it is really what you want. But more painful it will be for your partner knows you’ve been faking your feelings all the time.

If you realize that the outcome of your story is breaking, although think today is a terrible, sad and painfully separated from a person you do not love, or love but we are not reciprocated situation has certain advantages.

As you know, it is worse continued in a relationship without love to end it. Since you’ve read these tips on how to end a relationship without feeling guilty, we hope you serve to take courage and honest.