What makes a great HR career option? Which HR profile is better in terms of salary, perks, incentives, future growth, and successful development as an individual on a professional as well as on personal level? Is it HR generalist or the HR roles related to recruitment, talent planning, and resourcing? Or is it the HR roles associated with planning learning and development or performance and rewards experts?

Different Profile Options In The HR Career

The answer is- all of them.What do all these roles entail and what make a particular HR role, well a particular HR role:

HR Generalist:Variety is the spice of life. Says who? An HR generalist (William Cowper said it!- take it with a pinch of salt). You will be doing a variety of roles as an HR generalist. Recruitment, feedback, multitasking, negotiating between management and the employees, helping the senior management out, and many other roles spread over a wide spectrum are the different roles of an HR generalist. An HR generalist must be the master of all trades.

HR roles of recruitment and talent planning:These HR jobs involve talent acquisition and talent management for the organization. Change management is also a part of this job as you have to help involve employees in the change processes of the business, give them time to adjust to the learning curve of the change, give them regular feedback and help them be leaders at what they do.

HR roles of planning learning and development:Helping the employees find their strength, skills, and talent is the feature of these HR jobs. Activities such as firearms training for the police officials, mentoring programs for the fund managers, supporting mangers in the business, and teach different teams- are all the part of these HR jobs.

Organization development experts:An HR career involving organization development calls for re- organizations, creating effective strategies, and customer-focused processes. Great communications skills are required to help people understand the standing position of the company. You have to take into account the risks presenting themselves in the organization’s journey in a planned way.

HR roles of Employee relations:A machine works properly if all the consisting parts are working properly. Same goes for any organization. Maintaining effective working relationships among the employees and the management is the key to a successful HR career in employee relations. ‘Language of the people’ and ‘language of the businesses must be your forte in these HR jobs.

HR roles of Employee engagement resources:Using qualitative and quantitative information is very indispensable part of these HR jobs. Development of surveys and then analyzing them to help make them understand the values of the company through various workshops and focus groups and share the insights received with the management are all included in this HR career.

Performance and rewards experts:If you wish to make your HR career in this profile you have got to people’s person to gauge the skills and contribution of the employees to the company. Incentives, feedback, perks, recognition schemes, and leadership development programs will your tools day in and day out in these HR jobs. You must be well aware of the regulatory and legal requirements.