Straight hair is the most common hairstyle worn by most celebrities. Either it is so due to its elegant aesthetic appeal that it provides a person with or its easy handling. Generally, people go all crazy to achieve them and those who already are blessed with them find it difficult to style them in a decent and fashionable manner. Styling straight hair is a tricky thing. The styles that can be adorned by straight hair vary over a wide range of options. With a few guidelines and some honest advice from the celebrities themselves, one can easily style their straight hair and achieve the most sought-after celebrity looks without any hassle.

For a super straight look and smooth hair, Nathaniel Hawkins, a hairstylist from New York City, advises to apply silicone serum or straightening gel to dry hair. Secondly, a strong hair dryer is to be used for a fast blow-dry. With a brush, the waves or curls need to be straightened and later after making partitions, the hair strands need to be straightened with a flat iron. Later, silicone spray has to be used to prevent moisture.

Furthermore, in order to avoid split ends celebrities either trim their hair regularly or curl the bottoms under to conceal the bushy cuts. This greatly helps in preventing hair length loss and removes the hassle of treating the hair with numerous products. Wearing the straight hair down with the split ends removed give a cheeky appearance and highly suits almost anyone. Secondly, a deep side part with a sleek tuck behind the ear may look far more attractive than a simple straight hair worn down. Thus, as this hairstyle has attracted the attention, it can be worn easily by simply using a bobby pin, which matches the hair color, to set the hair in a way that they look elegant and chic simultaneously.

Straight hair styled in a long bob style look very striking and is seen to be worn by many celebrities. The best part of this specific hairstyle is the avoidance of cutting hair in layers that make the texture of hair rough and makes it lose volume. This style supports long one length hair that gives an overall lively look. It is worth mentioning that a few celebrities carry very natural and fresh straight worn down hairstyle. They clarify this stance by saying that it is due to usage of single-process, natural-looking colors which enhance the volume and texture of hair along with using some good fortifying shampoo and conditioner for protection.

Lastly, there is no denying the fact that celebrities are the best way to get inspired from as far as choosing a hairstyle is concerned due to the reason that it is one of their jobs to follow the latest trends and fashions. Thus, instead of sacrificing a lot of money and time experimenting on your own hair, it is far better to get inspired from and inspire others. Enjoy Inspiring Hairstyles!