Now a day to be an oracle DBA is very tough. As there is no market in this sector, almost no job is there for the new comers in this sector. The hardness of the job has already harassed a large number of experienced people also. Therefore, most difficult thing in this area is to be stay employed permanently. If a person really find himself in getting the intention for having the latest trade for the DBA or skills to achieve success in sub sequent steps of his or her career or a person who wants to make a career in the IT industry, his or her best bet is nothing but to make a target on a job which requires no previous experience as well as which gives chances and opportunities to the new comers. Again if the person has good knowledge in programming languages or good experience in SQA, it is better to go in these sectors.

The person has to use all his or her federal scholarship or any kind of tuition to learn something or everything about the DBA so that it will make him or her immediately employable. The person have to eat all the knowledge that he or she need to know for success in his or her area of employment so that it will be easier to get the further success in the area easily. Hence he or she could implement his or her plan to be an oracle DBA by having a courtesy of a regular pay check. There are a number of reasons for the job areas which are the gateways into data base administration. The reasons vary and it affects the sectors very much. The jobs are getting huge day by day and make the employee able earns a large amount of money.