If your car has become three years old, then it is legally mandatory that your car has to pass a MOT test to ensure it is roadworthy. Before you take your car for a MOT test, it is necessary that you get it inspected in a garage and they usually charge the standard cost and cannot charge you beyond that. But, the garages advertise their rates at a very competitive level, and so you won’t have to pay more. These services given by the garages are called MOT services.

You may feel like it is an expense for going through the MOT, but, it is helpful in revealing critical problems that may affect the safety of your car in future. Moreover, failing a MOT is also not good for your car as it will be considered illegal to drive unless you are going to get it tested. Also, if your car has failed a MOT, it will invalidate your insurance which will not be good for you as well.

It is surveyed that almost 40% of the cars end up failing a MOT and so, it has become crucial that your vehicle should pass this test in its first trial. It is important that you should know that new cars do not need to go through a MOT and only those cars which have become three years old are legally required to pass this test.

However, you can increase the chances of your car to pass this test in the first trial by following some steps which are mentioned as below.


Wheels And Tyres

It is necessary that your car tyres should be of the correct size and type and should accurately fitted. If you have a spare tyre mounted on the space-saver, then replace it with a standard one if it is not. Moreover, it is vital that all the tyres should have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm right the way around and across the central three-quarters of the pattern. If you want to check it yourself, then you can do it by inserting a 20p piece into one of the tread grooves. If the outer edge of the coin is totally concealed, then your tread depth is perfect.

Moreover, it is vital to ensure there are no lumps or cuts in the sidewall. Usually, spare tyres are not checked in a MOT test, but if they are stored externally, they need to be fastened tightly.

Why Is It Important To Pass A Mot Test In The First Trial?

Check The Lights 

It is required for you to check all the lights of your car including headlamps, parking lights, reversing lights, indicators and registration plate bulbs in regards to the right colour and functionality. These criteria are vital to pass the MOT test. They should be clean, and you can try them by getting someone test them, with you walking around your car. It is necessary that they do not become loose or should be repaired or replaced to pass the test. If any of the bulbs has blown, then it is better to replace it before going for the MOT test.

Windscreen And Wipers

It is necessary that the wipers and washers function well to give you a clear view of the road. Wipers that have become a greasy need to be replaced with the new ones before you go for MOT. You must top up the washer bottle and use a pin to unblock the jets if necessary. Ensure your windscreen is in good condition before going for MOT test, specifically the area that is swept by the wipers. Moreover, remove the stickers that block your view of the road while driving. Also, look for any chips and cracks should not exceed 1cm.

Registration Plates 

Your registration plates have to be in good condition and must be fastened tightly to your car. Moreover, all the letters and numbers should be readable from 20m away. You must also take care of the fonts in the sense that use only those that are considered standard by the law. Also, your number plate should meet the legal requirements and if not, visit the DVLA website for the same before going for MOT.


Ensure all the doors open and shut properly and with ease. Make sure you should be able to open and shut the front doors from outside.

Structure Of Your Vehicle 

Check your car from all the sides and see if it looks perfect in its shape and that there are no scratches or dents. Ensure there is no major damage or corrosion or any sharp edges that may be harmful to other road users. If there are any sharp edges, then your car could fail the test.

Inside The Bonnet 

Make sure your brake fluid and oil supply are topped up. Also, make sure your oil and fuel are sufficient enough to go through the emissions test in the garage. Ensure all these details or your car may fail the test.

Why Is It Important To Pass A Mot Test In The First Trial?


Warning Lights

From March 2013, the MOT examiners check whether certain dashboard warning lights like the power steering indicator and brake fluid warning lamps are functioning properly or not. So, it is important that you check these lights in all the ways. Also, the speedometer of your car should be functional to pass the MOT. 


Make sure your seats are properly anchored and do not have any problem. Front and rear seatbacks should be in the upright position and should be locked at the same time.


Make sure your seatbelts are not damaged or frayed as they could make your car a failure in the MOT test. Also, check if they are firmly fixed to the seats, and they should release correctly when clicked.


Check your horn and see if it produces a good sound or there is any disturbance in it. Moreover, it should be audible and accessible easily from the driving seat.


All the mirrors should be positioned properly, and every mirror should give a clear view of the road respectively from the driver’s seat.


Mechanical checks are hard for you to conduct so, it is better you check them with your garage.


The suspension is a difficult aspect that you can check yourself. If there is a problem in suspension, there will be sounds like creaks or knocks especially, when you drive over a speed bump. So, before you go for your MOT test, check it with your garage. 

Exhaust system 

Make sure that your exhaust parts or mountings are fixed properly and are not loose from anywhere. Moreover, make sure everything is in place before you go for the MOT test.

Exhaust emissions 

It is mandatory that your car must meet the legal requirements of exhaust emissions to pass the MOT test. These criteria depend on how old your car is and also on the type of fuel you use.

Fuel system 

It is necessary to check that your fuel tank doesn’t leak and the fuel consumption is proper. All the pipes and hoses should be properly functioning. MOT testers check your fuel tank and so, make sure they should be able to open your fuel tank.


Your foot and hand brakes should be functioning properly, and there should not be any leaks from the brakes pipes. Check your brakes in all the ways and if there is any issue with any of them, then get it repaired in your garage.

It is important to make sure that your car functions well in all the conditions to ensure your safety as well as your family’s. At the same time, it is vital that if your car is three years old or more, then your car should have passed the MOT test successfully.