Content is very important for successful digital marketing. Most of the success for any website depends on the type of content published. Quality content can bring in a lot of traffic to website, which increases conversions.

20 Powerful Tips For Successful Content Marketing

Following tips can help any business in getting more traffic to their website.

  1. Always make sure the content published in your site is relevant to your business. For example, a website which is related to a job portal has no relevancy with the content related to a movie review.
  2. Publish lengthy content which covers all aspects of a particular topic. Statistics show that lengthy content is more shared in social media. Even Google algorithm gives preference to lengthy content. It even penalises website with less content (short content).
  3. Publish content which is most shared. Tools like buzzsumo can give the list of content which is mostly shared.
  4. Publish content in the form of infographics. Infographics are ideal as they deliver the message clearly.
  5. Make sure the content is original, well researched and not biased.
  6. Add relevant images to the content to make it interesting.
  7. Break large content into small paragraphs and subheadings.
  8. Publish content on a regular basis. New content is always given a preference by search engines.
  9. Have a predefined publishing calendar for organising your time better.
  10. Use tools like Marketo, Agile CRM and Mailchimp for the automation of your newsletter emails and tracking the results.
  11. Have a very interesting and attractive title. Always add your keywords in the title.
  12. Analyse your competitor’s content before going for your own content creation.
  13. Do not expect potential customers to search for your content. Always promote your content using emails and social media.
  14. Organise your content into various categories and tags to avoid confusion and provide a good experience for your readers.
  15. Create content that converts. Always remember that this was the main reason for your content creation.
  16. Have a content creation manager to edit, develop and prioritize your content.
  17. Measure your results to understand which content performs well.
  18. Always provide links to authentic websites for helping your audience to know more about the topic.
  19. Offer lots of content in the form of free downloadable e-books. It can also help in getting more conversions.
  20. Try to promote your content in the form of videos. Its success can be measured in various terms like views and downloads.