Success of an organization in national or international market depends much upon its progress with energy management system. Financial records of those companies already implementing this process clearly depict that the amount of money saved by preventing wastage of excess power has contributed to its investment in other resources necessary for its growth. This concept is going global widely and is saving substantial energy to avoid shortage of power supply in the near future. Since it can have tremendous impact upon the regular performance and work of companies, the growing concern has been good for society and economy.

Luis Manuel Ramirez, an expert with extensive knowledge and experience about the Global energy and Industrial Markets has emphasized that this management system is no less than a new department itself. It requires innovative plans and ideas, an individual or a team to implement it and co-ordinate it in different sectors. Hence, the importance of these members in an organization and the burden on them to improve financial stats of the firm is increased.

Responsibilities Of An Energy Manager or Team In An Organization Shared By Luis Manuel Ramirez

Therefore, roles of an energy manager or the management team in an organization:

  • Constantly develop new plans and ideas, which are cost effective.
  • It should also be environmental friendly
  • Make sure every sector and department in a building follow it thoroughly.
  • Educate the people of its potential benefits for each individual and company altogether. Spread awareness and ensure each participates in the plans.
  • In a big firm, many regional energy managers and team should communicate and decide upon the project. In small or average sized companies, this team should submit plans, data and report to seniors.
  • Constant effort should be on improving policies regarding purchase and consumption of fuels also focus on how to reduce its utilization.
  • Effective plans for procuring cost effective for new branches in different or similar geographical location.
  • Proceed towards consuming renewable sources of energy, or mixed ones, that would be less harmful on ecosystem and help the company sustain itself.
  • Collecting the financial and energy consumption records before and after the implementation of this new management model. Report it to superiors, and make plans according to the results.

Many companies have also started an energy management committee that includes energy managers from different sectors and departments to conduct meetings regarding related decisions. This smoothens the task and ensures more people under these managers would thoroughly follow it.

Luis Manuel Ramirez highlights the aspect of availability of experts to consult for this project. There are companies who seek for external help and then there are special energy services firms with aim to assist them in seeking power management goals. Besides providing with effective plans and designs, they also aid in training company employees to regulate the tasks and its growth in the absence of the expert.

Nothing is tough when determination is strong and aim is to do something positive. Energy management is an optimistic approach towards company growth, every participating individual’s growth and the progress towards a healthier environment.