To research top budget laptops, you must be sure to seek out reputable websites and magazines that are independent and offer reviews and ratings from users and critics alike. Just because two different brands of laptops may be inexpensive and the same price, does not mean that they are equal in performance or reliability. To research properly, your resources should include those that provide the specifications and for the novice computer seeker, explanations as to what these specifications mean in terms of performance.

There are all different types of laptops available, from Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, notebooks, hybrids, and other computers out there that are more portable than ever. Many of these terms mean the same thing except some may mean that they are lighter in weight, have higher-than-average performance, have 2-in-1 functions (such as laptop/tablet), and other technical performance features. It is important when searching for a budget laptop, that you do a quick search of the keywords as you browse, and understand what they mean. This is crucial to understanding what laptop is best for you, your budget, and your computer needs.

The following are websites and resources that are reputable, take into consideration the specifications of the laptops, the prices, the performance, and include user reviews and critic reviews. These make for well-rounded lists of budget laptops where you can find honest answers and explanations of each laptop’s main suggested usage, be it for basic tasks, business, school work, or the everyday user who checks emails, surfs the web, and uses social media.

Best Budget Laptop Research Resources This website offers tabs to search for different types of laptops according to your needs. They offer prices from different online and in-store establishments so that you get a good deal, and they offer specifications for each laptop. They have “Best PC Under” sections that allow you to view the best laptop PC to buy under a certain amount of money, allowing you to skip the expensive ones and go straight to recommended and highly-reviewed laptops that are in your budget you have set for yourself. It also allows you to search by brand if you have a favorite or reliable brand that you wish to view. PC Mag is a highly-trafficked website that offers news, critiques, opinions, how-to videos, business opinions, features, deals, and lists for every type of technology, especially computers. These lists are compiled and easily viewable and provide the types of computer (in this case, laptops), the price, brands, specifications (with easy-to-see side by side comparisons), reviews by PC Mag, reviews by users, and explanations as to why these laptops made the list and not others. They are an independent source that critiques technology for those seeking the best deal and those who wish to educate themselves before buying a PC. Also included is a search engine that makes it easy to find what you are looking for and eliminate brands or prices that you are not seeking. Along with these options, they offer shopping advice and online and in-store establishments that are offering the best deals for the exact model you eventually choose to buy. This highly-respected website is always on every tech-minded individuals pre-shopping destination list.

Best Budget Laptop Research Resources

LaptopNinja While perhaps not as huge as PC Mag, LaptopNinja has an excellent reputation as being a great source for advice, comparisons, critiques, and creating honest lists of the best computers according to what the searcher wishes to filter. For example, searching the best budget laptops is easy, and PC Advisor will pull up educational information that is important to read, to understand what you should be looking for in a computer (such as processors, graphics cards, resolution, etc…) that the novice buyer should read in order to understand when they are getting a good deal or not when comparing laptops to purchase. They offer laptop buying advice, lists of the best laptops, and reviews to take into consideration while shopping.

CNET  Last but not least, we have CNET; another highly-reputable PC technology website that offers excellent advice, filtering to search for the best budget laptops, customized search engines, buying guides, reviews from users and critics, specifications, prices, independent ratings of the laptops, and price checkers that check the prices of the model you choose from many different stores and online retailers.

Before rushing into buying a budget laptop for everyday or casual use, make sure that you give yourself a budget, search for deals or promo codes, and search reputable websites such as above, to get the most up-to-date deals that they compile for you, to get that laptop you choose at the best value.

When searching for the top budget laptop review resources, take these sites into consideration and always take manufacturer’s sites (such as well-known brands) with a grain of salt. While their specifications are trustworthy, their sales pitches are intended to sell products. Googling independent, technology-centered websites and sources is important to compare the opinions of different websites, reviews, and critiques before searching a site you find trustworthy. With these steps, you can easily navigate the ocean of PC’s that are available on the market in all shapes and sizes, and come out with the one that is perfect for you and your budget.