Marketing is an essential component to a successful business. Ideally, it is the company’s ability to promote their products or services to their target market. Effective marketing requires continual effort and constant change as the interest and needs of consumers change. Though it can take time to develop the right marketing formula, many new business owners make mistakes that can be hard and expensive to come back from. Below are a few reasons many new business owners fail with marketing.

Lack of Knowledge

Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of the many facets of marketing. As a result, they dive into what they believe to be an effective marketing strategy, only to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. As stated on, there is no one size fits all method to being successful online. It is only through strategic online marketing campaigns that a business accomplishes online success.  As marketing has many layers and is constantly changing, new business owners should rely on the services and/or consult with an internet marketing. They can be instrumental in helping you to turn your visions and goals into an actionable marketing campaign that speaks to your target audience.

Being Cheap

Though new businesses often have small budgets, sometimes, new business owners cut back on spending in areas that actually hurt their business in the long run. Many decide to put marketing at the bottom of the list of priorities and invest their money elsewhere. Although there are a lot of great free and affordable marketing tools and platforms out there, you’re only going to get out of your business what you put into it. Small business experts suggest spending anywhere from 2 to 8 percent on marketing. Create a budget that will allow you to set aside at least 2 percent of your earnings towards marketing. As your revenue increases, increase your marketing budget.

Failure to Understand Market

Many new businesses begin marketing without having a clear understanding of who their marketing to. Failure to understand your target audience can prolong your efforts to build your brand. Shooting out ideas and hoping that someone will show interest could cause you to miss out on a lot of opportunities. Extensive market research should be conducted to learn more about your audience. Before trying to get their attention, you should have a clear understanding as to what they like and dislike, what their interests are, and more importantly, how your product and/or service will benefit them.

Using the Wrong Platform

There is no one size fits all when it comes to marketing in business. What works for one company could be disastrous for another. As a new business, it is your responsibility to determine which marketing platforms are best for you to present your brand on. Blindly choosing a select few or even trying to market on too many platforms could do one of two things, cause you to miss your target audience or water down your brand. Conduct research to determine which platforms are most commonly used and preferred by your target audience. If your target audience uses all social media platforms but prefers Snapchat, start researching ways to market on Snapchat in your industry.

Not Measuring Results

New businesses may see a surge in the beginning of their marketing efforts, but if they’re not well-informed or up to date on the trends, they could see a decline in ranking and a slow-down in business. Though there are a lot of reasons this could happen, in many cases, it is the direct result of failing to test and measure their marketing efforts. By viewing analytical materials, they can assess which tactics are working and which aren’t. Failing to do so causes new businesses to waste a lot of time and money on strategies that aren’t getting them anywhere.

Though part of running a business is making mistakes, when the message you’re trying to send to your target audience isn’t getting across, you could quickly lose the business you’ve worked so hard to start. When starting a marketing campaign, it is imperative to gain extensive knowledge within your industry and market. Often the services and advice of marketing experts can help guide your campaign in the right direction. To avoid making these same mistakes, begin developing a marketing plan that will clearly state your message, connect with your target audience, and evolve with trends.