If we have a website, it’s important that we collect all the necessary data regarding to visitors. Information we get from visitors can really be helpful in ensuring that our website stays relevant for customers. If we analyze our traffic, it is possible to better understand our own visitors and we can provide better content and service. Without solid information and actual data on visitors characteristics, our attempt to increase traffic can be all guesswork. Just knowing how many visitors that arrive to our website in a single day isn’t too helpful and meaningful. As an example, if we have 100 visitors today, we don’t know whether another 100 visitors are actually the same people or new visitors.

If our website lacks returning visitors, we could perform adjustments to our website structure and designs. We should know how visitors could go to our website. As an example, we will know which search engine that is sending the most traffic. We may also track and monitor which inbound links that provide the most traffic. As an example, some social media posts about our contain may go viral and we get many thousands of new traffic in a few hours. It would be very helpful if we know from which country our traffic is coming from. In this case, we are able to focus our marketing effort to these people. By understanding our traffic, we should know how to better meet the needs of our customers. After learning about our visitors, we should be able to properly use the information.

Traffic information allows us to make accurate marketing decisions and we will be able to generate proper content for our visitors. There are many services and programs that allow us to track visitors. Whatever solutions we choose, it is important that we get the right kind of website metrics. However, these programs can be quite overwhelming for some people. It’s no use having so much data scattered all around our spreadsheet if we don’t know about their significance. We should make sure that we are able to convert values into simple information that we can understand easily.

As an example, we may find out that 75 percent of visitors come from our own country, while the rest are foreign Internet users. We may need to learn the program more closely, before we could get meaningful results from it. Just a tiny bit of information could be crucial for our online success. We won’t know the result of our website if we don’t monitor our traffic. Often, our original plan and web design are not well optimized for our visitors. Traffic analysis immediately tells us some design and content elements need to be changed immediately. If more than a third of traffic bounces off from our primary landing pages, it is likely that visitors are not sure that they can get what they are looking for from our website. In this case, we should be able to modify landing pages so with only a quick glance, people are confident about the usability of our website.