When we want to develop a website, it is quite easy that we are looking for the cheapest solution. This is especially true for sole professional, freelancers and small businesses that want to save money. They may believe that expensive websites bring minimal benefits and they want to get the cheapest package available. However, we should know more about the usual cheap design trap and we could gaining very little from our website. It is acceptable to seek affordable solutions, but it is not a good thing if we set up unrealistic expectations. It is not a good idea to expect that we will have hundreds of features with little money. Cheap website development is only sensible if expect to have simpler online presence. We should know that once we want to increase user experience for specific tasks, the complexity of our website tends to increase.

As an example, we may want to sell our products online, so we need a reliable payment processing method and shopping cart solution. There should be an interactive e-commerce feature that can really help users. However, we should know that such a comprehensive solution will increase the overall cost of website development. Even if we set our expectations low, it is important to have solid goals in mind. The first foundation of our website should be based on our primary goals. As an example, we may know whether we want to build the website for profit or other purposes. It’s important for us to recognize this goal.

Regardless of our limited budget, we should develop our website accordingly. Even with affordable solutions, it is still possible for us to solve others; problems. If our budget is really limited, we may ask friends for help. If we reluctant to ask friends to do much of the work, we could ask them how to install CMS. The actual CMS installation takes only minutes to complete and your friend may help easily. The next step would be to choose the proper theme, as well as a few necessary plugins and widgets. This is also quick and easy to complete. CMS is a free website engine and WordPress is the preferred solution due to its ease of use. However, there are other simpler CMS that we may choose.

Other two popular CMS, such as Joomla and Drupal are more appropriate for experienced users. Using the WordPress interface is almost as easy as using the Microsoft Word. The learning curve should be quite manageable for people who haven’t used a CMS before. With a CMS, we shouldn’t trouble our friend too much and we will still get an overall incredible design. Many WordPress themes are well-designed that they can make our website looks professionally-made. There are so many themes out there that there’s a small chance that our competitors will use the same theme. Also, we are able to change the theme, for its background and other details. When asking for help, it is important to avoid building the website from scratch, we will be lucky to have only a mediocre design.