When it comes to the newest generation of iPads, there is no shortage of unbelievable accessories. While some of these gadgets may not be designed for the average consumer, here is a look at four of the most useful options for those who are ready to take their tablet to the next level.

Structure Sensor

It seems as if almost every manufacturer is looking for ways to integrate 3D technology into their devices, and iPad accessories are right there alongside this trend. The Structure Sensor is a small clip that slips over the iPad’s camera in order to capture dimensions of both environments and objects. It then utilizes specialized software to develop HD images and renderings of the objects and environments that can be manipulated in a 3D digital environment.

4 iPad Accessories You Wouldn't Believe Exist

Double Robot

Robots designed for personal and office use have evolved into an industry worth $673 million, and these numbers continue to grow rapidly. The Double Robot is one of the most bizarre and advanced accessories as it turns this tablet into a mobile robot with applications for both business and education. The primary purpose of the Double Robot is to create a mobile video conferencing machine that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Motic Moticam

Bigger is not always better with iPad accessories, and no device proves this mantra like the Motic Moticam iPad micoscope. This device is a mobile microscopic camera that is controlled through a nearby iPad via a wireless connection. The video and pictures caught by the Moticam stream to the iPad instantly, and the information can then be sent to any number of programs, saved directly on the device, or shared with up to six other devices with no need for a router or internet connection.

Sonic Chair

With a price tag that rivals that of a new sedan, the sonic chair was not designed for the average consumer, but that does not make the technology any less impressive. The Sonic Chair is a futuristic seat in the shape of a bubble that was designed to block out all outside sights and noises for complete immersion into the iPad. The series of speakers can be turned up to body-shaking levels, but the bass and treble cannot be heard or felt outside of the chair.

As long as tablets continue to rise in popularity, manufacturers will continue releasing wild accessories for both practical applications and niche markets. These four accessories are a great blend of both advanced technology and useful engineering that will keep iPad owners amazed at just how much their Apple products can do.