If you are contemplating a divorce and you live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada you will definitely need a lawyer.  Fear not!  There is a plethora of lawyers in and around Toronto that specialize in divorces.  For a full listing you can go online to The Ministry of the Attorney General.

Exactly what should you look for in your divorce lawyer?  This article will help you to determine that.  For complete details you can go online for this information too.  The above-mentioned organization supplies some helpful tips.  So does the Law Society Referral Service (LSRS.)  For starters we will list some basic criteria for you.

To begin with you need a lawyer who fully understands the laws in Toronto.  Knowing the general laws of Canada is not good enough.  Not only are there specific laws governing divorce in Canada in the first place; but each province has its own peculiarities.  Your lawyer simply must know Toronto divorce laws.

The next step is to find out if your prospective lawyer truly knows the specific divorce proceedings.  This is a drastically different type of law than criminal or traffic law.  Is this lawyer thoroughly knowledgeable about divorce laws?

Some things he or she ought to know.  In Toronto, what is the difference between a separation and a divorce?  How do they relate to each other?  What are the requirements for divorce in Toronto?  Exactly what forms will you need?

Does your divorce include any type of domestic violence issues?  How about mental or emotional abuse by your spouse?  If you answered yes, your prospective lawyer must be familiar with how this will affect your divorce proceedings.

Do you have children?  What about pets?  How about owned properties or any type of assets?  What about a family-owned business?  What about either or both parties’ expected pension benefits?  These are just some of the issues that you will need to iron out in your divorce.  Is this lawyer an expert on these matters?  If not then seek somebody else who is.  These things are vitally important to your divorce proceedings.

Another crucial factor in hiring a divorce lawyer is, how effective is he or she in a courtroom?  Do they win most of their cases?  Have they ever been disciplined by a judge?  In other words, what kind of a reputation does he or she have?

Your prospective lawyer may not be very objective when it comes to revealing that information to you.  So you should obtain references and actually speak to them.  DO NOT simply rely on the lawyer you are considering for this data.  References are critical!

How long has he or she been in the divorce law business?  This is valuable criteria as well.  You really do not want someone fresh out of law school to be in charge of your future that results from your divorce.  You want somebody with a great deal of experience.

No divorce is ever pleasant.  However the lawyer you select can help determine if you and your former spouse remain on good terms with each other.  This is opposed to parting ways as bitter enemies.  If a lawyer is too aggressive, the latter may happen to you.  This is not good for anybody, especially if you have children together.  So do yourself a favor, make sure you hire the right divorce attorney.