Choosing the right criminal lawyer is as crucial for you as your food. Just like your food determines your health, the expertise of a criminal lawyer determines your fate. A slight error and you’re in for a big penalty, or perhaps a life sentence. Would you take any risk then? Certainly not. But this is just the first small step to freedom. The tricky part is, how you can locate and hire the right professional.

There are plenty of cases in which bad choices lead to massive punishments, even when the opponent was making false claims. And why’s that? Because of the inexperience or inability of the lawyers that caused clients either financial losses or time losses. Yes, many people came to realize their case was in the wrong hands, switched their lawyers and eventually won the case. But those were rich clients, and you might not be that rich.

5 Steps To Prove You’re Innocent

Going for the Best is Important

The nature of charges can confuse anyone who knows nothing about defending his case. He may take a quick decision and hires someone with very little experience of the field. As a result, he may end up seeing himself imprisoned. Here it’s worth mentioning that Gracia Criminal Law Firm offers exceptional services via talented criminal lawyers Calgary.

So, here’s a calculated guideline that will not only save your time and money, but also improve your chances of winning:

  1. Research

Conduct your own research about the defense attorneys. Choose the best ones who are experienced in dealing cases you’re charged with. Then you can check see their case-win history and select the best lawyer.

  1. Consultation

Most people don’t even know the severity of charges against them. That’s where they make the biggest mistake. In order to know everything about the charges, you should consult a defence attorney. You will have an idea:

  • What are your chances to win the case?
  • What defenses are available?
  • Should you plead guilty or should you fight?
  • What punishments you might face if convicted?
  1. Specialists

No lawyer can claim himself to be specialist, unless he’s recognized by designated agency. You can hire federal, provincial or state defence attorney. It depends upon which law you broke. For example, you can hire criminal defense lawyer Calgary in following situations:

  • Traffic violation
  • Robbery
  • Contract violation
  • Murder
  • Theft
  1. Public Defender is Not the Option

If you can afford, you can hire defense attorney to fight your case. If you cannot afford, the law will offer you a public defender to represent you in court. Defense attorney have time and resources to find evidences in your favor, whereas public defender doesn’t have that luxury because he has too many cases to handle. Consequently, you may lose the case.

  1. Attorney for Specific Areas

Apart from defense attorneys who deal general cases of minor charges, there are experienced attorneys for particular field. For example, some areas in which defence attorneys specialize:

  • Rape defense
  • Violent crime defense
  • Property cases
  • Murder