If you have had an accident on the way to work, then you can certainly make an accident claim, as long as your accident was no more than three years ago. That’s because after three years personal injury claims become statute barred.

Most Common Accidents on the Way to Work

Most people who are injured in an accident on their way to work are involved in a road traffic accident. Road traffic accidents on the way to work are incredibly common and even more so in the winter months when the temperature drops. Whether your accident was a minor one or a major one is not an important fact when it comes to making a claim, however – the most important facts are how your accident happened and the extent of your injuries. To make a claim for a road traffic accident, the other side must be at least partially liable for it. If you were wholly to blame, then you do not have a claim.

Another common accident on the way to work is a slip, trip or fall. Making a work accident no win no fee claim for a slip, trip or fall is perfectly possible whether you were injured on work premises or not. Depending on where your accident happened, your claim will likely be with your employer’s insurance company or the local Government. With regards to the latter, if for example you tripped over a pothole and the local Government knew about that pothole, then you will have good grounds for a personal injury claim.

How much Compensation could I be entitled to?

Based on the fact that you were injured on your way to work, it’s safe to presume that you lost some earnings because of your accident and were left financially disadvantaged because of it. You can claim these costs back on top of any damages for your injury. Your personal injury lawyer will explain this to you, but compensation is made up of two parts – general damages and special damages – the purpose of these types of compensation being to cover your losses in their entirety.

For example if you were injured in a road traffic accident on your way to work and you suffered whiplash and had to have two weeks off work because of it, you can claim back two weeks’ worth of wages and overtime, providing that you lost out on them. So while you may issue a settlement demand of £1,000 for your injuries, you may issue a settlement demand for the same amount for loss of earnings, for a total off £2,000 compensation. However, the settlement demand put forward must be fair and proportionate.