Steel homes have become more and more popular over the years. From simple garage kits to more complex three, four, and five bedroom steel home kits, the steel home and roof from RSG Roofing has become the easy way to get the home you want on the land you have.

One reason these steel homes have become increasingly popular, as mentioned above, is because they allow what you need or want to be built. There are so many different kinds of kits. The simplest ones are four walls, a ceiling, and doors. They only get more complex and more useful from there. Garage style home kits can be found pretty much anywhere, and some companies specialize in actual houses.

Steel Homes
These kits are becoming increasingly more affordable. While a five bedroom steel home can cost upwards of $70,000, payments can change from seller to seller, and it can end up costing less than buying a five bedroom home that has already been built. Simple garage styles can start at $8,500 – depending on where the installation will happen – and can have a fun twist of personality once built. After all, on your property, they cannot dictate how you paint.

Steel Homes

The steel home kits are also becoming popular because of how easy they are to put together. Do it yourself-ers love to be able to build, but building a home can require years of experience or schooling in a normal construction capacity. These kits come with instructions and easy to follow installation packets that allow even the most inexperienced home builder build a home. Each home usually comes with holes already pre-drilled for plumbing, electricity, and bolts when you’re ready to put it all together. The kits often have you start at one corner and build it out by attaching one wall at a time.

Steel Homes

Color can often be something that you cannot change on a home. However, for a steel home kit, many companies allow you to pick colors if you don’t want standard steel coloring. While there are only so many colors that appear well on steel – or transfer well to steel – the variety is often enough to create incredibly personalized homes or garages. Each part type can have a different color – corner flashings, gable end caping, gutters, and other pieces can all have a coordinating color scheme. For example, roof sheeting could be a pale green, while the walls are a darker green, and the gutters and other fixings are a deep blue to create an off-color look.

These are also good for people who do not want or cannot get up stairs any more. Many steel homes are single floor, and with a good lay out that is provided by the company you order from. Steel is structurally sound, but it can be difficult to assemble a two floor by yourself – even a single floor may require some help from other DIY-ers. However, these steel home kits offer the buyer a fun way to express themselves.

The steel kits also often come with a guarantee that they will survive for years before anything will actually damage them. Standing up to heavy rain, sleet, ice, hail, sun, and even wind are all good, especially in Tornado Alley. Steel doesn’t rust easily, and the light weight yet structured anatomy of the material offers a support that doesn’t easily come crashing down to earth during a big storm.

No matter how a steel home kit fits into your plans, there are so many benefits to buying one that the price is worth it – even if it ends up being more than expected.