There are various laws that a state grants by virtue of people’s nationality. These rights are fundamental to the person and are imperative so that individuals can exercise them to the best of their abilities. At the same time, everyone claims that these rights are important but no one explains how to exercise them.

It is good to know one’s liberties and this article discusses the most important ones. Here is how you are entitled to the basic rights in life and how you can ensure that you are allowed to practice them.

The Right to Life

Everyone has a right to their life. People are simply unaware of the extent to which they can practice this right. .. Therefore, a state must grant individual’s minimum wage, social security and health services to ensure that their quality of life is maintained if not enhanced. Moreover, this right to life can be extended to issues such as abortion and euthanasia.

Thus, people possess the right to make rational decisions which affect this right. These rights are at full discretion of the locals. However, the state one belongs to is not to interfere in the decisions. Therefore, if the state does not grant people minimum wage or does not protect that right against private corporations; individuals can hold the state accountable for not granting them the full extent of a right that is integral to them.

The Right to Assemble

Protest, by virtue of being a citizen of the state is a right people are given. Once individuals express their disdain over how a state is functioning; there is little the state can do but change the nature of their authority. However, this right must not always be exercised violently. It is to be exercised in a peaceful manner wherever possible. There are legal barriers to the extent to which this right can be exercised and one of these includes non-violence wherever reasonably possible. This is an effective mechanism to hold the state accountable and examples of citizens exercising this right can be seen in countries such as Egypt where nationals raised much hue and cry over the workings of their government bodies.

The Freedom of Expression

As a citizen of a democratic nation which tells you that you have civil rights; will also be granted the freedom to express views or opinions that the state apparatus may disagree with. However, that does not mean that the state curbs such rights or disallows further discourse between citizens. The state in all its democratic glory must grant the individuals free press, free media and even freedom of discourse.

These rights are integral to an individual’s functionality and it is important that they understand how fundamentally important they are before accepting any decisions that the state makes. Individuals are required to remember that the state can only give a particular right to a certain extent to prevent chaos. However, it is important that the yardstick is justified and you’re the civil rights are being curbed.

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