Electric smokers are becoming increasingly popular these days. This is primarily because their ease of usage and maintenance. You can just set it to the desired settings and forget it- the smoker will do the rest on its own. While using electric smokers is very easy, buying them may not be. To help you with just that, we have compiled some tips to help you make the right purchase.

Electric Smokers - How To Choose The Right One

Selecting the Right Size

One of the most common mistakes that people make while buying an electric smoker is not buying one that has the correct size. If you buy an electric smoker that is too small, then you will not be able to make a nice meal for all your guests. On the other hand, buying a smoker that is too large for your requirements is a waste of money as well.

Most manufacturers give you an estimate of the size by telling its capacity as well as the number of ribs/steaks or any the quantity of other type of meat/dish it can cook at a time. For instance, in the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Bbq Smoker has a maximum capacity between the 20-25 lbs range.

Extension Cords

The power cord with most electric smokers is not as large- and if you do not have sufficient power supply in the area where you will be using the smoker (for instance, the backyard or your patio) then you will need an extension cord. However, you cannot just use any extension cord. Smokers draw a significant amount of current, generally between 10 to 20 Amperes.

For instance, suppose your smoker required 500 watts, and the household voltage is 110-120V. This means that you need an extension cable that has a capacity of (500 ÷120) = 4.17Amperes. A general rule that you can follow here is to get a minimum of 10-12A prong cord for home models. This might be more than what you need, but in such scenarios, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Commercial grade models may have separate requirements, where you can use the above method to find out the capacity.

Quality Construction and Craftsmanship

Regardless of the type of smoker that you are buying, good quality construction is highly important. However, in the best rated electric smokers, that is not all you need to take care of. Ensure that the smoker is made of high-quality material and coatings. Along with that, you also need to ensure that the cables attached to the smoker are durable and insulated.  Many electric smokers have space in their main body to roll up and store the wire in- and this would be ideal for you if you will not be using your electric smokers for a long time.

Racks, Trays and Accessories

 Some electric smokers come with trays that resemble grills, while many others have trays that are hollow. Depending on the type of cooking that you are planning to do, you will need grills, trays or other cooking accessories. In addition to that, you also need to check the foiling on the grills. The fat from meat or fish spices will pour down from the grill and on to the smoke, which could lead to badly cooked dishes. Thus, before you buy, you have to thoroughly inspect grills in the smoker.

Warranty on the Electric Parts

While most grills come with a warranty of one year or more, with certain models offering lifetime warranties as well, you need to ensure the electric part of the grill is covered as well. The plugs, cable connections and electrical equipment are prone to damage- and should be covered under warranties for at least the manufacturing defects, just like they are in the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Bbq Smoker.

Thus, with these tips, you now know what you have to look for in the best electric smoker that the market has to offer. Take your time, do your research and stay patient- and you will definitely get an electric smoker like the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Bbq Smoker that gets you the best your money can buy!

Source: www.grillsforever.com