There are many people who wonder why a music conductor is needed when a musical score is played? If everyone knows how to play what is the point of having a music conductor overseeing the performance? The answer is simple- a musician sitting at the back of the stage may not be able to see the musician sitting in front. For any musical score to be a success, it is important for the musicians to start and stop at the right places. This is why a music conductor is required for each and every performance!

In the USA, there is one music conductor that is known to be an inspiring presence and mentor to his band. His name is Vince Pettinelli He is one of the most widely sought after music conductors in the USA today and is known for his experience and skills in churning out some of the most amazing old and new musical scores. He knows music well and ensures that all his band mates are equally versed with it as well before the beginning of a musical performance. He says that they practice regularly till they are perfect. He says that confidence is the key to producing an outstanding performance and with the aid of this confidence they are successful at wooing the audience each time they appear on stage.

He says that music conductors do have an important role to play as at times the band members get carried away in playing the music that they forget. He is there to remind them where to start and stop. He knows every piece well and at times improvises on the piece so that the audience is delighted and they start loving the performance. He is often called for social and private functions and he plays musical scores on request at the end of performances as well.

He also adds that orchestras are very big affairs and everyone has their own speed, expression and conduct. This is why it is important for a music conductor to actually take charge of the scene and help band members play to their maximum potential. He is an inspiring role model to his band members and says that he loves practicing with them till they are prefect. He says that his band members are very talented and skilled. Like him they too are passionate about music. This is why at the end of every performance the Vince Pettinelli Band always receives a standing ovation.

The band is energetic and vibrant. It gives pleasure to people and before you know it you are swinging to the symphony with glee. Vince Pettinelli is very professional and he ensures that every musician is perfect before they appear on stage. He is the ideal teacher and mentor. He also gives musical lessons to those who are new to his band. He never takes credit for his performances and says that every one of his band members deserves praise and credit for the outstanding performances that they render every time they appear on stage!