Dental care is considered as the most important part of everyone’s daily routine. You start the day with brushing and end your day with the same. Despite such care, you borrow various issues that infect your teeth and gum in some way or the other. Our expert dentists in Solihull take utmost care in providing staunch service to each patient and ensure that they leave our clinic with awider smile.

Most of the time you face issues with your teeth that require immediate service. We excel in such emergency solutions. Our committed batch of staffs stays on their toes at all the time to take care of all your needs. There also various household techniques that you can utilise at the time of emergency. However, these are not the permanent solution, and it is advisable to consult our nearest clinic for the effective solution.

Mentioned below are the few of the solutions that can be used at the time of dental emergency. Please ensure that you follow properly and if thepain does not relieve within few minutes then consider contacting our dentists in Solihull.

  1. You can use almond or lemon juice to relieve the pain. At first, soak a small cotton ball in the almond or lemon juice and apply them to the affected area. Instead of one-time application, you should hold the cotton ball in the affected area for a while and see if it brings any relief to the pain.
  2. You can also use pain relieving medicines or oils that are helpful in a toothache. You can use oil to rinse your mouth. To use oil, you should mix the oil with water in proper proportion and then rinse for a while to see the change. On the other hand, you can place tablets that relieve from pain for a while within your teeth held by your finger.
  3. Ginger or garlic is also considered as having pain relieving property. You can use these roots to apply at the affected area to get relief. At first, you crush the garlic to form a paste and then apply it to the pain area. To give extra curability to the paste, you can add rock salt into it. On the other hand, to use ginger, you just chew it for a while and see if it brings any relief to the pain.
  4. You can also use salt and hot water to save the day. This method is the most common of all the methods, as salt and hot water has the property to kill germs and provide pain relief. To use this method, just mix a single spoonful of table salt in a glass of warm water and then gargle for a while. You can repeat the process for few times if it is helping in the pain relief.

The methods provided above are only suggestions and should not be considered as the permanent solution for the dental issues. Therefore, we would suggest you to visit our dentists in Solihull and help yourself get out of such irritating pain.