The cost of electricity is rising high and people are concerned about the impact of using fossil fuel on our environment. Therefore it has become necessary to consider about installing solar panels in our houses. Besides that government is also encouraging people to use solar power by providing various incentives, which makes it very attractive proposition to go for it.

Now the main question is how to select the right installer for solar panel, which is going to last for about 25 to 30 years. If you do not choose the right installer, your investment will not give you better returns as expected. Also, the savings that can be obtained by installing solar panel at home will not be much. Following are few tips that can be useful for you.

Try to find out solar expert

Firstly, find out is your solar installer certified? A certified solar installer will have the required expertise to design the right kind of solar panel for your house. Besides that, he will not commit any kind of installation error like any novice in this field.

How much experience your installer has?

You must ask about his length of experience in this field and try to obtain the list of his previous clients to confirm about his work. Check whether he is involved in this business for sufficient duration of time. An experienced installer will never create any damage to your roof or make some shortcuts that may cause power loss in your system.

Find out about the equipment and its make that is offered by your installer

Many installers may offer equipment of relatively old technology by offering you attractive price. Therefore, before finalizing their offer, you must do little research about the equipment that is being offered to you. Make sure that the installer has good reputation of after sales service

Many installers provide warranty and guarantee about their installation, but rarely honor their commitment. Therefore, before choosing your installer you must confirm about the reputation and after sales service.

Ensure that sufficient monitoring facility is provided in the system

For running of any solar panel, it is very important to know what are the various currents and voltages coming in certain important points so as to ensure proper functioning of the system. Therefore, you must discuss with him to find out about various monitoring facilities that your installer is offering, so that you know that your solar panel is producing right amount of power.

Choose the installer who is ready to do all necessary paper work

In order to install solar panel, you need to get permission from the government authorities and installer should be ready to offer you all the necessary services to obtain required papers.

Find out about the customer service of your installer

After the installation of solar panel, you may need your installer’s service for attending various teething problems. Make sure that your installer has sufficient trained staff available to support you after installation.