It is hard to believe that the summer is slipping by so quickly. We will all miss the casual summer get togethers and warm, lazy afternoons that we have been enjoying. However, the end of the summer means that Labor Day is right around the corner.

Labor Day is a national holiday intended to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the American worker. We think this is a great time to celebrate some of your best and brightest employees. Your customers will love to see that you appreciate your employees.

You can mail out corporate greeting cards that wish your customers a safe and fun labor day, and include a paragraph on a few of your star employees and all of the great things they have done this year. When your customers know a little more about the people who serve them, they will be more likely to return to your business for their future needs. You can also add a sentence or two promoting any Labor Day sales, promotions or fun events that your company is sponsoring. Remember that people love getting greeting cards in the mail, and any holiday is a great reason to send a personal card.

Whitney Hammond is President of and got his start in the greeting card business at the ripe old age of eight, selling holiday cards off the back of Boys’ Life magazine to friends and family. The little tike was hoping to sell enough cards to qualify for the neat prizes featured on the magazine’s back cover.