What comes to your mind when you think of restroom partitions? Nothing, would be a common answer. Making restroom partitions is a process that involves planning and executing. There are factors that decide what kind of material can be used.  There are many things one should keep in mind while selecting bathroom partitions.

Firstly it is important to know the measurements of your restroom. Knowing correct and full measurements is important. This will help in deciding how much material needs to be bought.

  1. Measure each compartment from wall to wall. Also keep some inches extra as the door also needs to swing.
  2. Measure the height of the room. Height is determined when you measure it from the finished ceiling to the finished floor. Make sure you give final measurements of the floor. If the floor is being installed you will need to wait until it gets installed.
  3. You can measure the depth by taking the area from the wall to the centre edge partition.
  4. An experienced staff will help you take the measurements correctly. 

Once you have taken appropriate measurements then it is time to have a correct plan formulated. After that you decide upon what kind of material you can use. It is important to know different types of materials and which ones are most durable-

  • Powder coated steel partitions- This material is made from honeycomb cardboard glued to a metal sheet that is covered with powder. It is the most affordable option and comes with a one year warranty. It has good finish quality. They are very simple and plain. They don’t come in many colors or styles. You won’t get many options.
  • Plastic Laminate Partitions– While making this material a thin sheet of laminate is used. It’s 5% costlier than power coated steel partitions and comes with a one year warranty. They come in different patterns like granite, marble and wood grains. They are highly customizable. They come in different colors and patterns. Laminate is not good for use in in wet places because it  does not go well with water and humidity. It can never be used in shower area.
  • Solid Plastic Partitions- These are made from polymer which is one inch thick. They comprise of solid plastic. They are 50% costlier than powder coated steel partitions. They come with 15 years warranty and are mostly used in schools because they are highly strong. They cannot be easily harmed. They are a bit costly but are are resistant to any weather be it wet, cold, hot or humidity.
  • Stainless steel partitions- This material is very expensive but the best in quality. They are rigid, strong and highly durable. They come in different patterns and colours and can be customized. They can be used in high end environment. There are no disadvantages of using it. They give a luxurious look.

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