If you are in the nightlife industry, then chances are you already know how popular bottle service has become in the last decade. The craze started off small and elite like most trends in the bar and nightclub industry with only a few bars venues offering this treatment to their VIP customers. Then, when it became clear that people would pay a premium to have such treatment, many bars and nightclubs started offering bottle service to their customers at flat rate pricing to capitalize on the trend. Now, most of the popular bars and nightclubs in major cities offer bottle service and the industry was one of the few that continued to thrive even through the latest recession.

How Does Bottle Service Work?

Ordering a Bottle

If you are out at your favorite bar or nightclub and feel like ordering a bottle, don’t forget to ask your server for their bottle service menu. Most reputable clubs will have one, and this will let you select from their best options. Many bars and nightclubs work out deals with their distributors for certain brands, and their bottle service menu should reflect those deals in the pricing. Once you’ve selected a bottle you’d like, notify your server and they should gladly place the order.

What Comes With It

When you order VIP bottle service for a big chunk of change, you probably expect a great experience. Not to worry; when you order bottle service there is a plethora of other goodies that usually come along with the bottle. Typically, you get your choice of a few different mixers so you can have a variety of different cocktails. Most people like to mix either cola or lemon-lime soda with their drinks, so these are almost always included by default. If there is a special mixer you’d like for your chosen liquor, tell your server and they should gladly accommodate your request.

How It Gets Delivered

When they bring your bottle to the table, expect that they will do so with a lot of pomp and parade. This is not only to make you feel like a VIP in front of the rest of the guests, but it also is a way for the bar to advertise their bottle service. Don’t be surprised if they attach sparklers to a bottle and carry it through the crowd of people while they are on the way to deliver it to your table. This will draw the attention of everyone in the room which is the desired result for both the VIP and the bar or nightclub.

End of the Night

After you’ve had your fill or the bottle you ordered has been finished, it’s appropriate to tip your server just as if she were serving you the whole night one drink at a time. Typically, a good tip for bottle service is at least 15%, and you should probably tip more if your server also poured some of the drink for you. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it will also build loyalty and trust between you and your favorite bar or nightclub which is invaluable on a busy evening.