There is nothing worse for morale than the job search period drags on. Find the job of your dreams is not always easy… How to keep morale anyway?

It is the crisis! And although many companies continue to hire, find a job at the height of his talent is not always easy. In unsuccessful solicitation period, some job seekers are frustrated, angry or even depressed. In this gloomy environment, how to keep the mind clear and untouched motivated?

  1. Control your Emotions

After dozens of resumes unanswered, it could become cynical, negative or bitter. But it is an attitude to avoid at all costs: recruiters feel that you are angry against you. Dynamic Stay! Actively manage his feelings is certainly not easy, but it is important to stay happy, focused and energetic.

  1. Be your own Coach

We can’t emphasize enough: find a job is a full time job. So try to be a good manager for yourself. And as a good manager, ask reasonable weekly goals (in terms of network research, sending applications). Reward yourself when you filled out your goals. But be gentle, don’t flog you if you had a loss of power: that’s what would make a bad manager!

  1. Stay Active

No need to sit at home like a non response recruiters. Go out, follow the training (Forum proposes many), include a group made voluntary… Enjoy this slump period to scratch some points of your to-do list (to order paper, to work) This will bring you new knowledge, a line on your CV or simply the satisfaction of having advanced in your tasks.

  1. Make several Things At Once

The danger of putting all your eggs in one basket is to be discouraged. If our only goal is not reached. Don’t stop, especially not to apply for the first interview obtained! If this does not materialize, it will take a lot of effort to motivate you. Whereas if you focus your business on several fronts, you will avoid being completely demoralize. If you are denied a job because it will remain other opportunities.

  1. Keep a Routine

In times of unemployment, retain a structure is important: and evasive hours. Organize your time as if you were working, according to a specific schedule. Remember to set a table summarizing your research, not to forget where you applied, where you expect an answer, which you turned down.

  1. Keep in Mind that you are a Great Person

Being surrounded by loving people is very important. If in doubt, you can concentrate on the people around you, friends and family who love you for your many qualities. In the most difficult times, it creates a protection, a safety lock.