Dubai is not all about business and the grownups. In fact, it is another Disneyworld with a lot of things suitable for keeping kids engaged and having fun to the fullest. If you are a local or visitor wondering what will become of your kids when you land in the city or where to take them so they can have the best moments, then you will be amazed at the many options available to you. Here are some fun things to do with kids in Dubai: –

  1. A visit to the Wonderland

Located next to Dubai Creek Park, Wonderland is an ideal place for kids as it offers 10 water rides, 16 major rides and 10 water rides. It also has other facilities suitable for Laser Tags and paintballing. Kids can enjoy rides for bumper cars, spinning coaster wheel, water rapids, a roller coaster, and the horror house. Wonderland has great places for ice-cream, fast foods, refreshments and snacks. You can take advantage of special offers available for kids’ birthdays.

 Things To Do With Kids Dubai

  1. Ski boarding

Visit Ski Dubai and enjoy a fantastic ski boarding experience on the indoor ski slope, the first of its kind in UAE and larger Middle East. Both kids and adults can enjoy activities such as snowboarding, tobogganing and skiing. Kids will also be excited spending some time snow fighting or building snowmen in the snow park. A penguin visit is also a good experience where kids can take photos or play with real penguins.

 Things To Do With Kids Dubai

  1. Dubai Aquarium

Take your kids to the tunnels of the 10 million liter Aquarium tank and let them see real fish and sharks swimming in the water freely. The tank has more than 400 Rays and Sharks plus over 140 fish species swimming freely. With a height of more than 50 meters, the thick glass tank offers the best ‘underwater’ experience where everyone can see marine life without endangering their lives. Let the kids go the Underwater Zoo for a few lessons about aquatic creatures. They can also see various creepy crawlies or go shark cage diving, snorkeling or diving at the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

 Things To Do With Kids Dubai

  1. Skating at Dubai Ice Rink

Both you and your kids can enjoy skating in the ice rink or even get some skating lessons from the experts in this venue. It is also a good place for playing hockey and interacting with other kids as well.

 Things To Do With Kids Dubai

  1. Visit Dubai Zoo

For maximized family fun, take your kids to the zoo and let them watch enclosed animals safely.  They will find some monkeys, pumas, hyenas, baboons, chimpanzees, foxes, bears, giraffes, jaguars, Asiatic lions, Barbary sheep and porcupines among others. This is always a great experience especially if your kids aren’t that easily afraid of animals.

 Things To Do With Kids Dubai

  1. Take the ‘career’ they like

Your children can have real fun at Kidzania, a great educational center for kids between 4 and 16 years. The experience here is not only entertaining but also educative and children can participate in over 80 activities, most of which are very interactive. The children assume different roles such as police officers, TV stars, chefs, doctors, dentists or race drivers among others. They will wear clothes used in those specific careers and earn ‘wages’ which they can spend on miniature Waitrose or on the track racing cars.

Other places that will be of interest for you and your kids include a visit to Dubai Dolphinarium, Dubai Childre’s City or even Dhow Tours in the Dubai Creek. There is something to engrave the best memories about Dubai in kids and you should try and maximize the opportunities available.

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