In today’s time, anti-malware software has become a necessity not only for the systems but also for the websites. Since, more and more companies are trying to do business online in order to make more profit by reaching the international clients; it has become a necessity to opt for the website security plan.

Choose Comprehensive Website Security Plans from Sitelock

Sitelock, renowned name in website security solutions offers a variety of website security plans for the client which includes:

  • SecureStarter: This plan is known for offering the essential website protection to the business owners by providing special features such as advanced website acceleration, daily vulnerability scans, automatic removal of malware, basic DDoS protection etc.
  • SecureSpeed: This plan offers complete website protection along with the features of SecureStarter, this plan provides additional features like Illegal Resource Access Prevention, SQL Injection Prevention, XSS Injection Prevention, OWASP Top 10 Threat Protection and Remote File Includes Prevention.
  • SecureSite: This is a premium website protection plan which offers features of SecureSpeed as well as some other features such as Infinity scanning, Manual Malware Removal and Vulnerability Repair.
  • SecureVIP: This is an enterprise level safety plan that offers benefits of SecureSite plan along with added benefits such as Blacklisting of Customers, Nations, and IPs, and blocks entry to backdoor files that are utilized by cybercriminals.

Apart from these facilities, all these plans offer certain standard features such as:

  • Web Application Firewall
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Basic DDoS Protection
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Cutting-edge Website Speeding up
  • Trust Seal
  • Dashboard which is multilingual
  • Installation is not required
  • Round the Clock Professional Support

Before choosing a particular plan, it is always recommended to go through the Sitelock Reviews. By going through the reviews you can find out how much satisfied the clients are with the services of Sitelock. The experts at Sitelock understand the challenges that are faced by the customers when their websites are affected by the malware. This is why they utilize unique techniques and methods to identify the problem and correct the website while also providing with advices on how to prevent future problems.

How does Sitelock Works?

Sitelock security scans the website, searching for anything that does not look normal. When the scan finds something that does not look right, the customer get an alert immediately via email and the control panel. In addition, the 360-degree monitoring feature of the site discovers and repairs threats, stops future occurrences, quickens website performance and ensures that the PCI compliance standards are met for businesses of all scales.

Sitelock Reviews are proven sales drivers, and something the maximum of customers will want to see prior deciding to make a purchase. Moreover, these reviews can help to remove any doubts the prospective customers may have about a particular product, and it can also help with product selection. Thus, the reviews can help in improving conversions and improving customer experience.

Therefore, it can be concluded by stating that the customers should choose the comprehensive website security plans from Sitelock as per their budget and requirement.