Unique Features of Byju’s Tablet Based E-Learning Programs:

Since its release, tablets have taken the entire world by storm. Tablets have swept through every industry, especially education. The proliferation of tablets in the classroom will only keep accelerating. With these powerful mobile devices, come a lot of possible benefits for educators and students alike. We know tablets are exciting and with plethora of engaging applications, but many parents are still skeptical whether tablet based learning really helps or it is just a flashy tech trend to grab the attention of students to accomplish the same thing as analog instructions.

Fusion Of Modern Technology With Personal Touch Of A Mentor

There have been many interesting studies based on tablets and its effect on teachers and students alike. We have pulled together a list of various study results regarding using of tablets.

  1. A study at Oklahoma University concluded that 75% of students agreed that tablet enhanced their learning. (Source- Oklahoma State University news)
  2. According to Pearson Foundation’s survey, more than six in ten college students and high school seniors agree that tablets help students to study more efficiently (66% and 64%) and help students to perform better in class (64% and 63%). (Source- Pearson Foundation)
  3. University of California-Irvine Medical School reported tablet equipped medical students scored 23% higher on national exams than previous unequipped classes (Source-MobiHealthNews)

Using of tablet can be a powerful tool for learning and comprehension. The interactivity it provides is very engaging for students of all ages. There are numerous advantages of using tablets to learn

  • E-learning

Considering the traditional textbooks, the major issue students’ encounter is the outdated information. The same textbook/exercise book stays on for at least 5 years with no new information input. But with e-learning, the e-readers are quickly updated with the latest information regarding subject matter which enables real time updates that are useful.

  • Study at own pace

Not all students have the same capability. Few can grasp the information very soon and some students need more time than average to understand a concept. With tablets, students can study at their own pace. It is a convenient tool as students can take extra time in the areas where they need it most.

  • Cloud networking

Studying from a tablet saves a lot of time. Considering the school/college/work hours, added with the time loss due to commuting, makes it an absolute necessary. Students can study at the comfort of their house or use it while traveling. This gives sufficient space to improve organizational skills. Anytime-anywhere studying is possible.

But tablets alone do not serve the purpose; we need dedicated mentors who are the main source through whom the information flows. Replacing textbooks/study materials with tablets is possible but without a mentor, education loses its essence. Mentors ensure that the technology actually improves the learning process.

Steve Jobs famously said, ‘Problems facing Education need more than technology to be fixed. Competent, engaged teachers are more necessary than ever in the Information age and balancing mobile educational advantages with healthy teaching interaction is the key to maximizing the worth of both.’

Our dedicated mentors help students at every step. Our mentorship program has a 24/7 service for its students. Our mentors not only support students academically but also emotionally. The main features of our mentorship program is

  • One-on-one session

Weekly once, the student can come to our center to meet the mentor and clear their doubts. If candidates are unable to commute, they can contact their mentor through a call or text or via email. Our mentors are ready to help the students.

  • Feedback

Our mentors guide the students by providing suitable feedback. They not only help candidates with teaching but do a SWOT analysis and recognize a candidate’s strengths and weakness.

  • Customized study schedule

Our mentors analyze a student considering the factors like their capability, grasping, daily schedule and lifestyle etc. They frame a suitable study plan which enables the students to learn effectively for any exam be it CBSE 10th board or UPSC Prelims. With interactive learning, studying gets interesting and students do not find it boring.

  • Support system

Our mentors are not limited with just teaching. They counsel the students and provide a strong emotional support. Help students to prepare their mind to face the competitive world.

With Byju’s tablet, we are not only revolutionizing the world of education but we are breaking the stereotypical process of learning making it more adaptive and interactive. Now, students can learn anytime-anywhere at one’s own pace!