No person on Earth will like the fact that an arrest warrant has been issued in his or her name. But, the reality is often it happens! Sometimes, situations get so much out of control that unconsciously, we end up committing a crime and sometimes in presence of a sheriff.

What you need to know about the California Arrest Warrant?

It means if you have committed a crime or there is enough evidence that you have committed it, then the warrant gives the authority to the law enforcement officers to arrest and detain you. But, who issues the warrant? The law enforcement officials places before the law court to provide them the power to arrest the suspected individual. The judge issues the arrest warrant on the basis of the evidence that is presented before him by the officers and following a grand jury indictment.

An arrest warrant is nothing more than the power given to the law enforcement officials for arresting the suspected person. An arrest warrant must contain the name of the accused, the crime committed, his or her address, time and date of issue of the warrant, name of the court and signature of the judge.

Things you cannot do in California if you have an arrest warrant issued in your name

If you are in California try not to get involved in any legalities as post such issue, things will not be the same for you. There are certain restrictions that gets levied on you and you cannot really move around freely.

You cannot leave the country

You must have seen this in the movies where the police officer asks a criminal that you cannot leave the country. Well, this holds true in real life too. If you have an arrest warrant in your name you cannot leave the country. If you have an arrest warrant in your name, the airport will have your name in their database and you will not be allowed to board the plane whether international or domestic. If you still attempt to travel, you will likely be arrested.

You will lose your license

In most cases the license will be suspended and in rare cases you will actually lose it. You will have to find other ways for commuting everyday. The whole process works in such a way that once an arrest warrant is issued in your name, the court notifies the department of Motor Vehicles about it and they suspend your license, till your warrant gets cleared.

You will not get any government benefits

According to California’s law system if you have an outstanding warrant for felony, then you will be considered as a fleeing felon. Even you will lose all the benefits provided by the Social Security Administration. Before you lose your benefits, get hold of a good criminal lawyer.

If you have been accused of any crime and you ended up being in the list of criminals with an arrest warrant in your name, do not panic. Go and hire a lawyer for bail application. There are many good law firms in the Orange County which have good knowledge and experience to help you successfully deal with the arrest warrant in California.