More of an obsession than a hobby, Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by xNotch, a Swedish game developer, and published by Mojang in 2011. The idea of Minecraft Launcher has been inspired by games such as Dungeon Keeper, Infiniminer, and Dwarf Fortress.

There are a lot of things that are different about the game play of Minecraft, which has made it to stand out from the overwhelming crowd of sandbox games. It involves players placing and breaking different types of blocks in a three dimensional perspective to craft just about anything the player can imagine.

A Quick Look The Mods Of Minecraft

Minecraft Game Modes

The thing that makes the game play of minecraft incredibly amazing is its different game modes, which include:

  1. Survival: Just as the name suggests, in this mode, the player has to gather resources, build certain structures, battle attackers and mobs – all while managing your armor, hunger, health, and (when under water) oxygen bar.
  2. Creative: This is where this game is played in its true meaning. In the creative mode, you get limitless. There’s no daunting hunger, health or armor bar when you select creative. You get unlimited health, blocks, armor, and you can even fly in this mode.
  3. Adventure: In this mode, the player is free to interact with mobs, buttons, or levers. But still there are a few limitations such as you can only break and relocate only those blocks that have their relevant tag attached to them – perfect setting for an adventure map.
  4. Hardcode: When you’re playing in the hardcode mode, there’s no way back if you die. There’s no option to re spawn option when you die in hardcode mode. No matter how far have you reached, there’s no way to save your world. And it will be deleted after you die.
  5. Spectator: This feature was first implemented in version 1.8. In the spectator mode, you can see through the perspective of other entities – just by right clicking on them you can do that. During this whole period, you’re completely invisible to all other entities, except in the case where there are more than one spectator.
  6. Demo Mode: This is just the mode that’s available for free to download. This mode has been developed to let gamest taste minecraft without having to spend a penny before that. But this Demo mode has time limitations, obviously.

Minecraft is available for PC/Mac, Pi, Play station and Xbox. There’s also Minecraft Pocket Edition for mobile android and iOS devices.