As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018, we also welcome new technologies, innovation, and various new methodologies for your business. Let us put you a question on security of your business.

So new year comes with new resolutions, of course, you must be having yours as well for expanding your business. While doing the same, have you thought about SSL certificates and HTTPS feature on your website? If not, these please ponder some thoughts and methods on having the best SSL certificate for your website for enhanced security and great conversions.

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Let’s start this article by understanding SSL certificates (which many of you ‘all must be knowing already) and then we would highlight the importance of SSL certificate in 2018.

What does the “S” stand for in SSL – Basically, it signifies securing a website while browsing, which means all your data which is transferred between the server and the browser is strongly encrypted and safe. The protocol which makes it all possible is called as SSL – Secure Socket Layer or TLS – Transport Layer Security. TLS initially was the standard, but later it is now commonly referred as SSL technology. 

What Exactly SSL Certificates Are and How Do They Work?

SSL certificates are the backbone of your secure internet network and help in protecting all your secured information which travels through the browser and the server. These are digital certificates that are connected with private and public keys which further encrypts the information which transmitted through the website. SSL certificates offer privacy, data integrity and critical security for both the customers and for the websites. Thus, in 2018 the website owner can buy SSL certificates from the trusted reseller like Cheap SSL Shop to enhanced security and gain customer trust.

The SSL certificates shall be authenticated by the Certificate Authorities – CA which is a security and reliability factor for issuing SSL certificates. The authentication provides a level of trust to the customers while sharing the information between the server and the client. Owing to the dangers and hacking threats which are somehow increasing year by year the need for SSL certificates and HTPs has been increasing immensely. Moreover, if you are running an e-commerce business and accepts credit card and online payments, then it is critical to ensure the security of all the communications transmitted via the network, without data being compromised. 

Why Your Website Needs SSL Certificate in 2018? 

While there are many reasons for using SSL certificate for your online business, there are few that are quite critical for 2018. The year 2017 has seen a lot of changes in Google’s update on security and HTTPs features for e-commerce websites and other online retail stores. Google Chrome, at the start of 2017 said that it would be flagging the websites that are not using SSL certificates and HTTPS as non-secure, which are not safe for online transactions. Apparently, 2018 is the year for making HTTPS and SSL certificates mandatory for all the websites and is also called as the year of encryption. Also, the browsers have started pushing the websites towards encrypted HTTPS connections and are flagging them as “Not Secure.” 

Here are Some Prominent Reasons to Use SSL Certificate in 2018 

#1 Starting with the security and protection of data

As 2017 have witnessed some huge data/security breaches, cyber-attacks, and ransomware, thus, 2018 need stringent actions with the right use of the best SSL certificates and HTTPS feature for your business. Therefore, without any doubt start using SSL certificate which fits your type of business and gets the HTTPS feature installed. For the e-commerce website, EV SSL Certificate works pretty well in securing the data and all the online transactions. Wildcard Certificates are also good choice to secure unlimited subdomains hosted on a single domain at the cheapest price. Many other SSL service providers that offer you all the services you want to get the best SSL certificate for your domain. Among these, Comodo SSL certificate gives you the best services and SSL certificates with warranty, 24/7 customer support at lowest prices. 

#2 We need SSL certificate for securing sensitive information

The primary reason why SSL is used is for security as discussed above, but other than this it is also imperative for securing all your personal and sensitive information which may get transferred over the internet via different means. Here, what they do is they secure and keep all your confidential information like – personal details, log-in details, credit card information safe and encrypted during transmission over the browser and the server. When there is an SSL certificate, all these information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the browser/server you are transmitting through and further protects from hackers and thieves. 

#3 SSL certificates affect Google rankings

The year 2018 will see a lot of changes in the way SSL certificates affect the Google rankings of a website. We all know that they impact the Google rankings in a way that may lead to a good ROI and conversion for your e-commerce or online business. Since, On 6, August 2014 Google has announced that it will consider HTTPS as a ranking signal to secure user data from MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks and others eavesdropping. Here, the secure site seal and a padlock icon in the browser address bar will help the websites to grab the place on the search engine. Thus, for organic traffic, it is highly recommended to have HTTPS feature and an SSL certificate for your online business. 

Club all the Above Pointers – SSL Certificates are a Mandate for 2018

  • To ensure safe browsing in 2018 as Google is going to flag the websites which are not using SSL certificates by the end of 2017
  • Strong encryption with 128-bit is essential for all the online transactions and payments executed via any of the websites between the server and the browser
  • SSL certificates help in building trust among your customers. With the green address bar and the secure site seal given by the EV SSL certificates visible to the customers and the visitors, it grabs their attention for safer transactions.

Importance of SSL certificates in 2018 is a mandate because of the increasing theft cases, hacking attacks, and ransomware. To protect from all these SSL certificates are a mandate.