All the cosmetics have their expiry date mentioned but you should also know when it’s high time to discard the cosmetics you are using. Many times we don’t use all the cosmetics regularly and keep them for years waiting to have them finished.

You should also make sure while buying cosmetics that the products are branded and contain high quality. Online stores also offer you a wide range of branded products with discount deals like Nykaa coupons and many more to save your valuable money. Let’s have a look if you are using discarded cosmetics.

EyeLiner – Eyeliner should be discarded after every three months and there should be no carelessness since a sensitive area like eye is involved. Pencil eyeliner can be used for longer however, it’s difficult to notice the contamination but if white film appears, it should be immediately discarded. Liquid eyeliner should be discarded when it has separated and there is foul smell as well as clumps are formed.

Lipstick & Lip Liner – Throw it when the taste or texture changes. It also changes its colour as well as it gets difficult to apply. Dew drops on bullet are also formed when the lipstick has crossed it expiry date.
Are You Using Discarded Cosmetics?Liquid Foundation – After opening the bottle of the liquid foundation it should be trashed after every six to twelve months. It should be considered expired if it smells foul, changes in colour and clumps and developed.

Mascara – Mascara should not be used after two – three months of opening the bottle. Since it contains water and probability of growth of bacteria increases. When it is dealing with eyes, it should be highly taken care.

Compact, Blush and Eye Shadow – Compact, Blush and Eye shadow can last up to 24 months. But all these should be removed if there is change in colour, texture or smell especially eye shadow since it is applied near eyes.
Are You Using Discarded Cosmetics?If you are also doing the same please stop immediately. When you have been keeping a lot of cosmetics for long, you should know when they need to be discarded since they may harm your skin. You should purchase branded or quality products also, use Purplle coupons when it comes to online shopping to save money and time.