Make your Mark with your Style!

The first thing you need to know about trends is that you do not always have to be the one who follows them. You can be a trend-setter yourself and make your mark! Do not fear to be eccentric as being eccentric just means you are unique and that you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

That does not mean you cannot follow chic styles that are in vogue, right? So here is an assortment of ideas to wearing leather jackets and looking ritzy that are trending these days.

Give it the Feminine Look

One thing that you can do to give the rugged and tough appearance of leather jackets a different look is to add a feminine touch to your outfit. If you are wearing a leather jacket, it does not necessarily have to be with a t shirt and the combinations of denim and worn-out tough stuff. It does not have to be an all black or a monochrome outfit, either. These days, leather jackets are being worn with all kinds of women’s dresses and outfits to give that contrast of the rugged and feminine looks.

You can wear any dress under your leather jacket. You can wear maxis under your moto jacket, or a long skirt with your biker leather jacket. It gives a contrast of a softer look with the rugged look of sleek leather jackets. The combination comes as a surprise, but it looks good, and it surely does make you stand out from the crowd. A chic purse or a pocketbook, or even a leather clutch, may complete the outfit.

Mix and Match – Textures and Accessories

Mix and match seems to be the theme of a lot of styles that involve leather jackets. The mix and match is not only between different types of fabric and different textures, but it also includes experimenting and playing with proportions, and adding accessories to complete your outfit.

Leather jackets go well with different types of fabric and different textures. You can wear them with knitted sweaters and over denim skirts. They can be worn with silk scarves and you just have to think of other types of textures to go with them – most do!

What about playing with proportions? Leather jackets have a sort of slim-fit look, and wearing them with pieces that have different lengths and sizes makes quite interesting styles. It is something which is trending these days. You can wear a long, flowing skirt under your snug fitting moto jacket, and can even try a loose fitting knitted sweater under your jacket.

Adding accessories like a pearl necklace or studded jewelry can really complete your outfit and add color, texture and style.

Printed Fabric and Plain Leather – Go Just Fine!

Printed fabrics can be paired with leather jackets surprisingly well, and it is another thing that is in fashion these days. Stripes and floral designs are just two kinds of prints that pair up well with leather jackets.

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