With the influx of social media in recent years, we all yearn to create that ideal Pinterest life. You know what I’m talking about. The clean white interiors, strategically placed coffee table fashion books, fresh flowers, the list goes on. We aim for that perfect looking life. A minimalist dream! I was recently inspired to give my wardrobes an overhaul to create a pretty Pinterest looking rail of muted tones, luxury basics, all hanging on copper hangers – of course!

I wasn’t necessarily succumbing to the daily pressures of social media though, yes, I was inspired but it was something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. In general my personal style is very minimal, I enjoy pieces that are simple but can still create a ‘wow’ look. I successfully decluttered my life and have a much simpler version of what was my extremely messy wardrobe space.

Fancy yourself a capsule wardrobe? Read on for a few tips…

It’s All About The Basics

The number one rule of a capsule wardrobe is having a great supply of basics. Basics aren’t boring! They’re the foundation of an effortless look and are an absolute staple for any wardrobe. With basics, it’s important to invest in quality. A basic t shirt or vest in grey, black, white and navy will give you a solid foundation. My personal favourite is the Topshop Boutique premium vests as they had a lovely cashmere blend.

Add A Few Stripes

Along with a solid collection of basics, you should invest (if you haven’t already!) in a few classic Breton style tops. Stripes will never go out fashion, they’ll always stick around so it’s a good investment. They’re also not a seasonal piece so you can wear a good stripe at any point in the year. They also look great with almost anything, a pair of skinnies and casual loafers are the perfect Breton combination.

Denim Denim Denim

It’s a necessity! You can’t put a price on a good fitting pair of denim, well, maybe you can BUT they’re pretty important. Invest a little extra cash in a pair of staple jeans that you’ll wear a lot! Pick your style – a skinny jean is always a sure fire win as these never really go ‘out’ of fashion whereas styles such as the flare will come and go. Try on a million pairs if you have to, but find that perfect fit and invest in your denim!

A Leather Jacket

A quality leather jacket is a must-have wardrobe piece (unless you’re vegan in which case you’ll have to stick to faux!). Opt for a black leather as opposed to any bright colours, after all this is a capsule wardrobe and you want it to go with everything! Great places where you’’ find a dreamy leather jacket include All Saints and Diesel. They are costly but they’ll last many years to come. Trust me!

Black Heeled Boots  

A pair of black boots are great to have in your footwear collection. Especially if you live somewhere like the UK where it’s often chilly! Invest in real leather or suede to ensure they last long and don’t start to peel and scuff easily. If you’ve got cash to splash then the Acne Pistol boot is a fashionista must have, but if you’re on more of a budget then Topshop always have a great collection of winter boots.

Accessorize Accordingly

With accessorises, less is definitely more! A capsule wardrobe should have a small collection of accessories including a staple black bag, fedora hat, scarf and a few minimalist style jewellery pieces. In my accessories wardrobe I also have a pair of retro style glasses, I think these can finish off a great basic outfit! A chunky, masculine style watch is also a great addition!

So there’s a few top tips to get you started with a wardrobe cleanse! If you’re not ready to get rid of a load of clothing then why not just pack it away and have your ‘core’ pieces on show? That way you can always access them but they won’t be clogging up your wardrobe space or room.