It’s every men and boy dream to look handsome and attractive in front of girls. They try different things to be attractive and flirt the girls with their appearance. It’s not so easy for every man looks attractive but follows these simple steps; you get at least cute complement than ugly.

Maintain good smile with white teeth

When you smile at someone what they see first?, it’s your teeth. It’s an easy task to keep your teeth whiten teeth. Posing a simple smile at someone makes them feel good about you. Laugh limitedly but don’t be a loud speaker.

Attitude and personality

Don’t act like your hero of the show, be genuine. Show your own attitude from inside of your heart. Be confident while talking with girls, don’t create unnecessary fuss. Listen to them; make out your point in simple and polite way. Most important thing is not to dominate the opposite persons opinion.

Look into their eyes

Yes! You read it correctly. Look into their eyes while you’re talking to them, this makes them feel for you, it creates a crazy feeling. Look at different parts of their face, don’t look below!!!!!!!!! Keep an eye contact.

Dressing style

Most of the times people guess the character of the person by looking at their dressing style. How you wear a dress says lot about you. So, avoid wearing unattractive, poor color, smaller size, toured and unwashed clothes.

Keep your hands & fingers clean

Make sure that your hands are clean and fingernails are even without any dirt. Apply some moisture gels to your hands which make your hands look fresh but so dried. Don’t bite your fingernails, it makes others look weird at you.

Set your hair style

Avoid unsuitable hair styles; appear in simple and handsome hair style. If you have longer hairs apply hair gels and set your style, but don’t apply over dose. Don’t comb with hands in front others.

 Take a shower before

It’s a good habit to undergo a shower before you meet a girl. After having a shower you look little brighter and fresh. It removes smell from sweat and try to smell good. Apply some perfume which is not so odd smell.

Have a neat shave

It is only occasional chance to look good in beard, but it always better choice to have a nice shave. It makes you look so gentle men.

Be a naughty and humoristic

Make the people like you by throwing some simple spontaneous jokes. There may be quick reaction waits for you for that joke on someone, so be ready to make joke again on that reaction. Make a good logical fun but don’t give them bad ugly type humor statements.