In today’s tech-savvy world, one of the most popular services is the use of cloud-computing services. Simply put, cloud services are those that are accessed and used via the Internet, as opposed to through a local hard drive. Even though both individuals and businesses use cloud-computing services, they are most often associated with businesses.

When searching for services in the clouds, it is easy to find nearly every service. Cloud-computing services can include everything from shared web hosting to talent management, as well as reseller hosting, recruitment software, inventory management, live chat, cloud hosting, helpdesk software and ERP software, to name a few. Almost any service can be offered as a cloud-based service these days, saving both individuals and businesses space and memory on their hard drives.

Internet Services That Are In The Clouds

What Types Of Cloud Services Are Available?

Cloud-computing services include a variety of data management and hosting tools, and are offered through laptop computers, desktops and even smartphones. There are three different areas involved in cloud computing, and these are as follows:

  • Application, which includes collaboration, communications, content, monitoring and finance;
  • Platform, which includes database, runtime, identity, object storage and queuing; and
  • Infrastructure, which encompasses network, computing and block storage.

Whether you’re interested in database management, accounting services or scheduling appointments for your business, the service is very likely available “in the clouds.”

Where To Find These Services

Websites such as offer a quick and easy way to find a cloud-computing service. These websites list dozens or even hundreds of websites that offer a variety of cloud-computing services to almost everyone. The websites usually list the services in alphabetical orderand provide detailed descriptions under each listing.

If you own a business, can also offer your services to potential customers each and every day for a very reasonable price. The site will present your business in a positive light and will even offer ways for you to advertise on the site itself, allowing for additional exposure. Potential customers can find your business at the click of a button and canfamiliarise themselves with all of your cloud-computing services.

Advantages Of Cloud Services

The main advantage of using cloud-computing services is the fact that you’ll save memory and space on your computer. This is invaluable to businesses, which typically use dozens of computers serving maybe hundreds of employees. Another advantage is that it allows companies to concentrate on the business itself, instead of on building and maintaining an infrastructure, since cloud computing can take care of this for them. In addition, computers are usually low in costand networks are high-capacity when using cloud-computing services. Businesses, quite simply, can take care of growing their business while leaving the “insides” of various computer services to the clouds, so to speak.

Even though there are several perceived disadvantages of using cloud-computing services – such as unexpected downtime and concerns about security – most people consider it the wave of the future and predict that companies offering these services will continue to grow.