Every company strives to bring the latest energy efficient technology to save the energy. Energy foam insulation ltd is one such company that provides hassle-free experience for better results. The company provides the best services to reduce the air leakage and maintain the temperature inside the buildings. The foam fills the odd shaped spaces and acts as an insulator for air leakage.

Energy foam insulation ltd creates a compact building covering with energy foam, which helps in significantly reducing the energy wastage. This type of insulation that maintains the consistent temperature inside the buildings leading to less energy use and reduced utility bills. Studies done by the US Department of Energy revealed that 40% of the home’s energy is lost due to air leakage through walls, door and windows. When buildings treated with energy foam insulation improves this condition.

If you’re living near a busy place or airport, the airborne sounds are roaring, the entry of unwanted sounds inside your living walls can hinder your comfort. Energy foam insulation ltd provides a foam-based insulation to soundproof the system, reducing the transfer of the sound from exterior to interior spaces.

To the attic, spray foam insulation just below the roof deck is added to create a conditioned space. This will reduce heavy loads on the HVAC resulting on lowered utility bills. Spray foam insulation products are divided as air-impermeable and air-permeable based on the thickness. Closed-cell types are known as air-impermeable, means having less than an inch of thickness. For the open-cell types it is rated as air-permeable as the thickness is more than 4 inches. Air-permeable insulation is applied below the roof deck and Air-impermeable to the underside of the roof sheathing.

Insulation when sprayed over building protects them against moisture and risk of mold. It also eliminates the condition of wood rotting and structural damage. Foam insulation forms a barrier to noises and maintains the consistent temperature. Sometimes, basements are not insulated and gives air the good opportunity to make its way. Treating the basement with spray foam insulation can reduce the heat loss and increase the comfort.

R-value is used to define thermal resistance to heat flow. The value of R is more in an insulation product; more effective are the properties of insulation. Polyurethane foam contains the highest R-value, which is available readily to use it for homes and buildings. Spray Polyurethane foam insulation has the R-value between R-5 and R-6. It fills all kinds of cracks and gaps and cavities to avoid the problem of air leakage that would affect neighboring elements. This lowers drafts, prevents diffusion of moisture and unsafe gases.

Spray foam insulation is employed to insulate walls, crawlspaces, basements and overhangs. Little leakage of air can add up to higher energy loss and more utility bills. Sealing your home with the best insulator having the good R-value can act as a barrier to moisture and prevent any damages. The absorption of sound is required to enhance the comfort levels of any individual.