When it comes to smell rich, found in every corner and cosmetic products to serve this purpose, is the problem. Its creators often use a string of nasty chemicals with such strange names as possible contributions to the beauty of our skin; constant and prolonged exposure to these products may end up damaging your health in some way.

Chemicals are everywhere: everything we see, touch, use or eat can have some potentially harmful to health element. If you want to know what chemicals are hiding in different rooms of your house that can hurt you are, you do not stop reading what follows.

In the Kitchen

Believe it or not, you can contaminate your body with toxins as much as your diet is balanced and natural. For example, plastic containers may contain a chemical called bisphenol A or BPA and this is related to breast cancer and various heart diseases.

Another toxic substance that should take care of is mercury, which can be transmitted by different large fish like fresh tuna and swordfish. This chemical is particularly toxic to the smallest of the house.

A point deserve detergents for dishwashing and antibacterial soaps containing triclosan, because overuse, contrary to what is thought, may cause the growth of drug-resistant bacteria, which will make when you have to take an antibiotic, this does not produce the same effect.

In the Bathroom

Some toxic substances found in everyday products such as toothpaste where you can find parabens, room deodorizers featuring para-dichlorobenzene and moisturizers that contain phthalates.

Parabens and phthalates increase estrogen levels in women and para-dichlorobenzene are carcinogenic potential. To avoid these toxins in your bathroom, well read labels on products you buy and if you notice that you have a difficult name to pronounce better choose another one!

In Your Closet

Dry cleaning, use a solvent called perchlorethylene or PERC, that while it is very good for cleaning fabrics, it is not for the health, as if inhaled in large quantities, can cause liver cancer, loss of memory or kidney damage. To avoid exposure to this toxin, when you withdraw your suit dry cleaned and take away the packaging, open the windows and let it air out for 10 minutes.

Take for example this list and try to always include in your regular routine as much products made from natural elements.

So there you have it. It is important to be alert to these toxic so you can lead a healthier and informed with your family life and the environment. The less we support companies that manufacture these products, the less they will be produced. Every time you spend your money, you are making a choice: you vote for the world in which you want to live.