It is a big problem for us to clean the amount of waste plastic stays at home. Everything made out plastic was dominating our home from past 20years, now a time has come where we are getting irritated with plastic everywhere inside the home. Throwing plastic is also the worst thing because of the damage it does to the nature. Specially, moms feel pretty about the plastic products and waste plastic bottles appearing randomly at home. Can’t we do anything to eliminate or re-use them, Yes, we can with a little patience and creative mind we can achieve better results and beautiful things waste plastic things inside our house.

Decorative Items

Waste Plastic At Home1

Those who think every waste is useful, can try these things with little patience and creative thinking. There is a wide range of sizes available for us at home which are considered to be a waste. Use these bottles to arrange them as decorative products which can be placed at the dining table or walls. Use the scissors, glue, colors wisely to create different shapes and stitch them together.

Plant Trees

Waste Plastic At Home2

Yes! This another most brilliant idea which was already followed by many individuals. You can plant small plants in the bottle, keep them horizontally at constant place, plant the seeds. Check the plant’s growth rate regularly, this will be making something better out from nowhere. You can also use different decorative flowers or plants to grow in the bottles.


Waste Plastic At Home3

When you have bigger plastic cans, cut the top portion along with their caps. This portion can be used to seal off the carriage bags of vegetable or other items, this way you can keep the products fresh. Using this method there is no need of buying the special containers to store the vegetable or fresh products. Though its simple method to follow.


Waste Plastic At Home4

It is limited based on your creative thinking, there are many useful crafts and decorative items you can build using simple home availed resources. You can apply colors, threads, glues, sticks and unlimited properties to create your own imagination. The limitation is sky for you to utilize this kind of ideas, there are plenty of crafts you can create.

Bottle Boats

Waste Plastic At Home5

This is another hugely popular idea travelling around the world now, using the plastic bottle you can build your own boat. These boats are very cheap and best because they won’t sink easily and even you can travel under rainy conditions. There is another huge advantage is you can build your own designed and architectural boat.